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June 2, 2015
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Lessons From a Competency-Based Education Experiment
The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Paul LeBlanc, president of Southern New Hampshire University and senior adviser to the U.S. Department of Education, has become a leading proponent of competency-based education. 
  • Last year the university started a competency-based degree program, called College for America, that has enrolled about 2,000 students.  The Chronicle recently talked with him about his vision of competency-based education and what has surprised him from his college's own experiment. 
  • "The place where competency-based education is taking hold is with the adults. They need this thing. They need this credential. They need these skills. They need these competencies. Their employers talk in terms of competencies," said Mr. LeBlanc. 
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Mark Cuban has a brilliant strategy to get the best college degree for less money
Business Insider
  • Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban thinks the higher-education system America has known for decades is headed for a big change. Student-loan debt sits at about $1.3 trillion, and some major universities are stumbling because of increased costs met by lower enrollment. 
  • Cuban thinks the college system as we know it is in big trouble, and according to him, one way students can get the most out of it is by "going to the cheapest school for the first two years." 
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Oxford Hires First Female Vice Chancellor
Inside Higher Ed
  • After nearly 800 years of male leadership, the University of Oxford has its first woman leader. Oxford announced that Louise Richardson, the principal and vice chancellor of Scotland's St. Andrews University, would take the helm of the prestigious British university, serving as vice chancellor (the equivalent to an American university president).
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The Not-So-Optimistic Career Outlook for the Class of 2015
Fast Company
  • The Economic Policy Institute released a report on jobs and unemployment for young adults entering the workforce. The paper, titled Class of 2015, analyzes employment, enrollment, and wage trends. Here’s how the unemployment rate breaks down: For college graduates, it’s 7.2% for 2015 vs. 5.5% in 2007. For high school graduates, it’s 19.5% for 2015 vs. 15.9% in 2007. 
  • We’ve heard it before, and this report continues to bear out the bad news: Higher education comes with a price tag. The result: growing student loan debt (on average 74% higher) to be paid back in a job market that can’t necessarily support payments. Limited opportunity, sluggish salary increases, and the cost of a degree is making college a tough sell. 
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What's Left After Higher Education Is Dismantled
Rolling Stone
  • The two big higher-education stories this month couldn't be more different. On one hand, you have financier Stephen A. Schwarzman donating $150 million to Yale to build a state-of-the-art campus center. On the other, you have Corinthian Colleges declaring bankruptcy under a flood of allegations of fraud and abuse. 
  • But they tell a similar story: There's no set of institutions capable of or interested in providing quality, affordable higher education for a large population outside public schools. Mass higher education has always been a public project and we need to embrace it. 
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Online Learning: What Next?
  • Most chief academic officers at colleges and universities were very skeptical of online learning when it was in its infancy, today, according to a recent survey, more than 70% of them now believe it is critical to their long-term strategy and more than 5 million students or 25% of all college and university students are enrolled in distance education courses.
  • The day will soon come when we will not distinguish courses by their teaching modality and employers and others will not ask whether the program was on-line or in person.
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What it Takes to Make the Class
A look at the time, money, and outreach it took to bring 532 freshmen to one university
The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Admissions is about selection. But for many colleges, it’s really about recruitment. Most of the work involves encouraging potential students to apply, and admitted ones to enroll. To illustrate how that works, the University of Evansville shared the numbers of potential students it connected with at each stage of the admissions process that brought in its 2014 freshman class.
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Can we really prepare kids for both college and career?
The Hechinger Report
  • California is making a big investment in “linked learning” — career-centered programs. In response to the Common Core Standards’ call to make every student “college and career ready,” linked learning programs not only aim to prepare high school students for college, but also set them on a career path.
  • Hundreds of schools across the state are adding career programs in an attempt to get students into college or a job after graduation. So far, only 27 high schools have certified linked learning programs. Curriculum at these certified schools includes rigorous academics plus on-the-job training in a career field in one of the state’s 15 major industry sectors, such as business and finance, engineering, health sciences, manufacturing and entertainment.
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Google Taps Udacity to Offer Nanodegrees
  • Udacity is powering the first engineering certification that has been created and certified by Google. The Android Nanodegree, which will be $200 per month and takes 6-9 months to complete, was entirely built by Google Android engineers (students will get their partial tuition back if they complete the course work early). 
  • Fifty of the best performing students will be invited to Google for a three-day career summit in Mountain View to help them further their interview skills and find jobs.
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If You Want Teachers to Innovate, Don't Train Them Using a Sage On a Stage
The Guardian
  • It’s hard to be creative and innovative in the profession when training is limited to formal workshops. When it comes to the future of schools, the trick is integrating being innovative into teacher training. 
  • Training could use pre- and post-session engagement through social media discussions, webinars, video conferences so learning is about more than just the workshop at the moment it happens.
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How School Leaders Set the Stage for PBL Success
  • Before launching a major PBL initiative, school leaders need to consider a variety of factors, ranging from staff readiness for change to parent support for student-centered learning. Pre-launch is a good time to engage all stakeholders in a frank conversation, starting with, "Why PBL?"
  • "If you truly believe that PBL is valuable enough to pursue, then everything you do as a leader needs to focus on promoting this initiative," says Eric Williams. He identifies four field-tested strategies that other leaders can borrow and adapt: Lay a Foundation, Build Teacher Ownership, Share Success, and Stay Patient. 
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