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March 3, 2015
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A Perfect Storm Is Heading Toward Higher Education
  • Colleges are facing a perfect storm that could shutter hundreds of them and leave many more wondering how to survive. Yet much of higher education’s leadership is in denial that anything is amiss.
  • The perfect storm will be the culmination of soaring tuitions, technological disruption, and parent dissatisfaction. If colleges hope to survive the inevitable changes that will roil higher education in the next few years, they cannot continue to ignore the middle class. If they do, they seriously risk being swept away.
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The Innovation Game: Adobe's New Strides To Keep Employees Engaged
Pull in case of idea
  • Imagine you show up to work one day and someone asks you if you are interested in running with an idea that you have, “sure” you say. You are then given a little red box, inside you find a pre-paid credit card for $1,000, some notebooks, and an innovation guide that walks you through a six-step process to go from idea to product. 
  • This is the new KickStart innovation program launched by Mark Randall, the VP of Creativity at Adobe. One of the goals of this new innovation process is to entirely remove obstacles that stand in the way of creativity and innovation. 
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The Skills Americans Say Kids Need to Succeed in Life
Pew Research Center
  • What are the best skills for kids to have these days? Pew Research Center recently asked to a national sample of adults to select among a list of 10 skills. 
  • The answer was clear. The survey found communications skills were seen as most important for children to have, followed by reading, math, teamwork, writing and logic.
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These Are the Best College Majors If You Actually Want a Job After Graduation
The Washington Post
  • If you're a college student wondering what you'll do after you graduate, it might be good to know that young workers with degrees in agriculture, mining, teaching and medicine are in high demand. So are those who studied physics or chemistry. 
  • That's all according to a new report from researchers at Georgetown University. The good news for young college graduates is that regardless of their major, they have a much better chance of finding work than their peers who didn't go to college.

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5 Lessons Education Research Taught Us In 2014
  • Studies, research papers, doctoral dissertations, conference presentations — each year academia churns out thousands of pieces of research on education. And for many of them, that's the end of it — they gather dust in the university library or languish in some forgotten corner of the Internet.
  • We've looked over that list and compiled a summary of lessons from a handful of the most viewed papers from the American Education Research Association in 2014. 
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As a Whole New Kind of College Emerges, Critics Fret Over Standards
The Hechinger Report
  • Competency education offers credit for experience, but who decides? Critics fear that, in the rush to compete for students by promising them credits for experience, some colleges and universities will make getting competency-based credits too easy. 
  • There is a danger of institutions just putting a new name on an old concept, or of institutions thinking this is a short-term panacea. Competency-based programs “could very easily devolve into diploma mills,” said Amy Laitinen, a former White House and Department of Education advisor. 
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Micro-School Parents, Students Build One-Room Schoolhouses of Today 
Clayton Christensen Institute
  • The one-room schoolhouse calls to mind pastoral scenes from an older America, but many of its ideals are once again becoming the schooling reality for a handful of students in some of our most tech-forward cities today. 
  • These students attend micro-schools—small, independently-run education options for families that want personalization for their children. Micro-schools frequently do away with grade-levels in favor of technology-enabled, project-based learning and student-customized pathways to learning. 
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The Secrets to Killer Presentations
  • For managers, regular staff meetings, often relying on PowerPoint slides, are typically part of the job. Yet, few companies provide any training on how to stand up in front of people. The result? A dry, analytical approach to public speaking, said Jill Avery, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.
  • “If you think of the great orators in history, they didn’t have PowerPoints,” Avery said. Instead, use a slideshow to augment the presentation, and never put verbatim text of your speech in slides. Tell a story that’s underlined with emotion and you just might win the room.
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Stanford's Brightest Lined Up to Get Jobs From These Startups You've
Never Heard Of

Business Insider
  • On Wednesday, hundreds of Stanford students filed into the resource center for a career fair. Presented by the school's Career Development Center, the Startup 101 Entrepreneur Career Expo invites employers from startup companies to promote their organization, collect resumes, and screen potential candidates.
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How to Manage Your Inbox (Before it Manages You)
  • Email can be useful, but only if managed effectively. Every time an e-mail interrupts you, it costs time, money, and brainpower. So, how do you manage email overload? Camille Preston, founder of AIM Leadership gives some of her best tips to manage email overload. 
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