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January 6th, 2015
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A Look Back at the Top 10 Educational Innovation Stories of 2014
We have selected some of the most popular educational innovation stories from the Weekly Reviews of the past year
Observatory of Educational Innovation
  1. MIT Releases its Plans for the Future of Education: 2020 and Beyond 
  2. Rethinking the Lecture: In the Information Age, It’s Time to Flip the Classroom 
  3. George Siemens: ‘Students Need to Take Ownership of Their Learning’
  4. Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Let's Talk Tech
  5. 3 Ways to Take Your Students Deeper With Flipped Learning 
  6. This University Teaches You No Skills—Just a New Way to Think 
  7. Investing in Quality Competency-Based Education
  8. 10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How To Do With Google Docs 
  9. Higher Education in 2024: Glimpsing the Future
  10. 15 Facts About the Modern College Student 
12 Companies Transforming Education To Watch Next Year
  • Education technology, known as EdTech, is taking by storm schools, students and the process of learning across the globe.
  • EdTech companies are among the most innovative players in the world, and here are 12 companies to watch in 2015: DonorsChoose, Udemy, Khan Academy, Kaltura, Andela, Panorama Education, ForClass, AltSchool, Schoology,Edmodo, Tynker, Flashnotes. 
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/12edtechco

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How Might These 6 For-Profit Institutions Fare in 2015?
Education Dive
  • What will 2015 bring for the for-profit college industry? Here’s what may be in store for six of the larger for-profit college providers, according to analysts and the companies themselves. 
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/6ForProfitEd

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Choose the Right Innovation Method at the Right Time
Harvard Business Review
  • In the industries plagued by the most uncertainty, how do companies hold on to their ability to innovate? And how do they achieve, and keep, an innovation premium in the market?
  • Managers who help their firms create and maintain an innovation premium use a different set of tools than their more traditional counterparts — tools honed in start-ups and specifically designed to manage uncertainty.
  • We synthesize these perspectives into an end-to-end innovation process and show how successful corporate innovators have adapted these principles to increase their innovation premium
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/TheRightInnovation

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How Asia is Emerging as the World's Edtech Laboratory
  • If the US is the world’s education technology leader, Asia is fast becoming its most critical testing ground. Why?
  • First, Asia's education markets dwarf American levels by a magnitude of 10 times the number of K-12 enrollments at over 600 million. According to an OECD report, of the 204 million 25-34 year olds with a tertiary education in the world by 2020, Asia will account for well over 55% of them.
  • Second, Asia is now the fastest-growing e-learning market in the world with outright leadership in a number of key areas, including games-based, mobile and social-based learning.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/AsiasEdTechLab

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Tech 2015: Deep Learning And Machine Intelligence Will Eat The World
  • Despite what Stephen Hawking or Elon Musk say, hostile Artificial Intelligence is not going to destroy the world anytime soon. The effects of this technology will change the economics of virtually every industry.
  • Shivon Zilis, an investor at BloombergBETA in San Francisco, put together a graphic to show what she calls the Machine Intelligence Landscape. The fund specifically focuses on “companies that change the world of work,” so these sorts of automation are a large area of concern.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/AI2015DeepLrning

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Preparing Students for Competency-Based Hiring
  • Transcripts have historically been the official record for what a student has learned in college, but do not provide the details employers need regarding what a student knows and can do on the job.
  • In today’s rapidly changing labor market, employers are emphasizing the importance of a more sophisticated mix of technical and 21st century skills, even for entry-level positions. Foundational skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving are climbing to the top of employers’ wish lists
  • Institutional leaders have a responsibility to all students to create conditions that allow them to showcase their knowledge and applied skills in ways that are meaningful to potential employers.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/CBEHiring

Keywords: Competency-Based, CBE
3 Emerging Technologies Reimagining Higher Ed in 2015 and Beyond
Education Dive
  • From the make-up of student bodies to the way materials are delivered, higher ed is rapidly changing — and largely due to technology.
  • To get an idea of what the future of higher ed might look like in 2015 and beyond, Education Dive examined three emerging technologies that could facilitate some of the space's biggest shifts in years. And the future looks bright, indeed.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/3EmergingEdTech

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Schools Need Redemption, Not Innovation
  • Are our school systems really in need of innovation? The reformers say so. The most common narrative argues that schools are stuck in an outdated paradigm. 
  • There are many familiar responses to this problem. You’ve probably read articles about blended learning, flipped classrooms, game-based learning, makerspaces, inquiry- and project-based learning. 
  • These trendy teaching methods should certainly be widely adopted. But don’t believe the hype. They are not innovative. And that’s okay, because we don’t need innovation. Instead, schools need redemption.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/EdRedemption

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14 Tech Trends That Will Make Someone Billions Of Dollars Next Year
Business Insider
  • Which technologies are going to blow up in 2015 and keep growing in 2016, creating billions of dollars for the companies that serve in these areas?
  • To answer that, we scoured the research from leading analyst firms like IDC, Gartner, Forrester, and others. Check out these 14 trends that will be worth billions of dollars in 2015. 
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/TechsBillions2015

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3 Holistic College Admissions Trends to Watch
U.S. News
  • College admissions is an ever-evolving world, and for members of the Class of 2020, there is another application aspect to consider – the holistic option. 
  • The term "holistic admissions" refers to an application system that evaluates the candidate as a whole, including his or her mentality, not just a collection of his or her documents.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/HolisticAdmissions

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