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March 17, 2015
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Higher Education Isn’t In Crisis
The Washington Post
  • Let’s be clear. Higher education is not in crisis. It's in motion, and it always has been. Higher education evolves as knowledge expands, societies change and new technologies are introduced. This does not mean that we should relax: There should be no comfort taken in maintaining the status quo.
  • As our universities and colleges undergo an intense period of evolution we should be asking ourselves questions, the right questions: Is higher education evolving in the right way? Will it continue to be able to meet the needs of students and their families?
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Stanford President John L. Hennessy Considers Future of HE
The Times Higher Education
  • In 2012, John L. Hennessy, president of Stanford University, famously told The New Yorker  "There's a tsunami coming.” Yesterday, he spoke at the annual meeting of the American Council on Education. He said he was speaking “not with the assumption something is deeply broken in higher education, because it’s not."
  • Hennessy advocated for hybrid courses – based on a relatively small set of top-quality digital lectures, enhanced by simulations. He said he believed not in MOOCs but in LSOCs, or large selective online courses.
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World Reputation Rankings 2015 Results
The Times Higher Education
  • The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2015 -A spin-off of the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings, employ the world's largest invitation-only academic opinion survey to provide the definitive list of the top 100 most powerful global university brands. 
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Beyond The End of College
The Atlantic
  • The book  The End of College predicts the technological disruption of the traditional university. But it fails to acknowledge that higher learning involves more than looking at a screen.
  • The most important lesson of recent commentary on higher ed isn’t about disruption; it’s about the importance of learning as a way of life that can be made much more accessible with tools both old and new.
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Gates Foundation Fine-Tunes Its Focus in Higher-Education Policy
The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has decided to narrow its focus to just a few specific areas that it thinks are most likely to make colleges more “flexible, personalized, affordable, and clear,” according to a recent report that lays out the foundation’s plans.
  • "We’re always trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. And in order to do that, you have to use a common set of measures", said Daniel Greenstein, the Gates Foundation’s director of postsecondary-success strategy. 
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How to Lead a University: A Beginner’s Guide
The Times Higher Education
  • Think of a vice-chancellorship as a symphony in four movements. The complexity of leadership lies not in elaborating multiple themes, but in complex orchestration. As with sonata form, repeat your central themes. 
  • Vice-chancellors discuss their role and offer advice to aspiring university leaders. 
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Why I’m Choosing a House Over a Degree
The Evolllution
  • When it comes down to it, the real question is, what is the smarter investment? Invest in myself for future career potential or invest in real estate so that the rent money stops going down the drain.
  • Though it has been a rough decision-making process, I’m leaning toward the real estate investment.The decision lies on whether the degree can advance a graduate’s career as far as a professional certification.
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Yale Announces ‘Blended’ Online Master’s Degree
The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • The online program, to be offered by the Yale School of Medicine, would aim to replicate its residential program for training physicians’ assistants. Students would meet in virtual classrooms and would also have to complete field training in person, at Yale-approved clinics near where they live.
  • Yale has taken an active but measured interest in online education in the past decade. But a degree program that includes fully online courses is a step toward a different vision of how Yale and other highly selective traditional universities are likely to incorporate online education. 
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HBO Now, Multi-Bundling, and Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed
  • What would it look like for a traditional bundled university to offer a multi-bundled option? My guess is that every school will need to follow HBO and aggressively explore options to complement their traditional bundled offerings. Multi-bundling can complement the core bundled residential services by increasing utilization, capabilities, and revenues.
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MOOCs Could be ‘Major Recruitment Tool’, Says FutureLearn's Simon Nelson
The Times Higher Education
  • Speaking at the Jisc Digital Festival in Birmingham, Simon Nelson, chief executive of the UK Mooc platform FutureLearn, said that MOOCs courses will be one of the most important tools for recruiting overseas students over the next five years, a conference has heard.
  • "Social learning is proving to be one of the most effective means of delivering online courses at scale, and I am proud to welcome this roll call of prestigious universities from around the world,” Mr. Nelson said. 
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7 Essential EdTech Tips for School Leaders
EdTech Review
  • Here is a list of videos featuring educational leaders and experts like Eric Sheninger, Mitchel Resnick and Will Richardson, giving advice and tips on edtech leadership strategies for principals and other school leaders & administrators. 
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