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January 20th, 2015
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Donor Seeks to Offer ‘Freshman Year for Free’ Through Online College Courses
The Washington Post
  • What if anyone could take the first year of college free online? A New York philanthropist announced a $1 million donation that aims to make that possible through an online venture overseen by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.
  • Steven B. Klinsky’s idea is for students to take foundational courses through the online venture edX that would prepare them for College Board examinations. Those who pass would be able to enter college as sophomores. That would cut the price of a bachelor’s degree by a quarter.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/1YearFreeOnline

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Top 10 IT Issues, 2015: Inflection Point
Educause Review Online
  • Change. It's a song that's been playing everywhere the last several years. You've been humming the tune, perhaps dancing to its rhythm. You may not know all the words, but everyone knows the refrain: "Mobile-Cloud-Big Data-Business Value-Agile-Transformation-Social-Analytics-Online Learning."
  • Information technology has reached an inflection point at which the trends that have dominated thought leadership and have motivated early adopters are now cascading into the mainstream.
  • At this time of change, peril, and innovation, the collaborations among IT leaders across higher education and the ecosystem that supports them will be most important of all. 
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5 Announcements at CES 2015 that Could Affect Education
  • The announcements that shake up the technology industry at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show don’t always create ripples in the education world. But as technology and education continue to converge, it’s happening more each year.
  • Here are five announcements that could have broad implications for higher education. We give you a hint, the companies involved are: Intel, McGraw Hill, HP, Acer and MakerBot. 
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/CESEdTech

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Revealed: Elon Musk's Plan to Build a Space Internet
Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Because he doesn't have enough going on, Elon Musk—he of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity, and the Hyperloop—is launching another project. Musk wants to build a second Internet in space and one day use it to connect people on Mars to the Web.
  • The Space Internet venture, to which Musk hasn’t yet given a name, would be hugely ambitious. Musk’s service would, in theory, rival fiber optic cables on land while also making the Internet available to remote and poor regions that don’t have access.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/SpaceInternetM

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The 14 Principles Of The Future Organization
  • We are seeing an amazing evolution around how we work, how we lead, and how we structure our companies. Take a look at the 14 Principles of the Future Organization, a concept that is taken from the book The Future of Work
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10 Companies Spending Millions on Education
The Guardian
  • Global education faces an annual budgetary shortfall of $26bn, according to Unesco. While governments, foundations and nonprofits can help with various aspects of this problem, education spending is certainly also a business issue. 
  • From 2011 to 2013, Fortune Global 500 companies spent $2.6bn on education annually. Here are the top 10 companies that are spending their sustainability budgets on education: Banco Santander, IBM, Telefonica, ExxonMobil, Target, GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft, Toyota Motor, Rio Tinto Group and Wells Fargo.
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Managing Constant Change
Educause Review Online
  • If you are in higher education using technology, you may often feel like your hotly anticipated, recently purchased technology solution is obsolete by the time the delivery person drops it off. A universally accepted administrative paradigm has yet to emerge for higher education to handle a disruptive technology.
  • Should it be part of the IT organization? Should it be part of a campus-wide academic program? Should it be handled by individual academic departments on a case-by-case basis? 
  • At Ball State University they tackled these challenges by creating a nimble administrative unit that puts professional staff and student employees side by side in a fast-paced, project-oriented work environment: The Emerging Technologies and Media Development unit.
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/ConstantChangeHE

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Shorter. Faster. Fitter?
Inside Higher Ed
  • For Scotland’s universities, the four-year undergraduate degree is the “gold standard”. But there has of late been something of a rush to launch three-year programs north of the border, joined most recently by the University of the Highlands and Islands.
  • Clive Mulholland, the university's principal, said last month that the “accelerated” B.Sc. in geography, which will start in September, will allow students to “embark on their chosen career more quickly and save money in the process.
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Is This the Future of Adult Learning?
  • How does the MIT Media Lab develop its adult learning tools? By envisioning them as scaffolding constructed to support learning.
  • In May of 2014, entrepreneurs and adult learning experts convened at the MIT Media Lab to discuss visions for the role of technology in the future of adult education. Three of roughly twenty-five initial ideas came to the forefront: Read Out Loud, Express Me, and Citizen Tutoring. 
Visit Website: http://bit.ly/MITAdultLearning

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Employee Engagement Depends on What Happens Outside of the Office
Harvard Business Review
  • Companies spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement, and that’s projected to rise to over $1.5 billion. And yet, employee engagement is at record lows — 13% according to perennial engagement survey leader Gallup. What’s wrong here?  Perhaps human resources leaders are spending their money in the wrong places.
  • There are just too many external influences that affect employees' performance. That's the core problem. When we only try to understand what happens at work, we ignore the most basic tenet of person-organization fit: employees bring their whole selves to work. What happens after the workday may be just as important as what happens during it.
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The 5 Best Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of
  • Good news: employment opportunities look bright in 2015. Staffing levels are expected to rise 19%, according to ManpowerGroup’s annual Employment Outlook Survey
  • Job titles are becoming more diverse, says Scott Dobroski, career trends analyst at Glassdoor. “Employers are looking for innovative ways to do business and are therefore [allocating money] to brand-new positions,” he says. Here are some fast-growing, high-paying options that have yet to hit the mainstream.
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