The World’s Largest University Ranking



U-Multirank, the largest global university ranking, has published a major new release of data from 1,500 universities, creating the world’s largest university ranking, and shining a spotlight on high-performing universities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

In a press release, U-Multirank said that this year they were able to identify ‘hidden gem’ universities that are bold new competitors on the world stage in a host of different areas. "Allowing students, universities, businesses, policy-makers and governments to make better informed comparisons of how universities worldwide perform." 

Unlike many university rankings that primarily focus on research citations and highlight a familiar selection of well-known institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and Yale, this ranking "Allows users to compare universities based on what matters to them while also reveals the other strong performers in areas as diverse as research, teaching and learning, knowledge transfer, internationalisation and regional engagement."

Institutions that would like to participate in 2018 can express their interest on the U-Multirank website.

Source: U-Multirank