Harvard Medical School Unveils Its First Online Certificate Program

Harvard Medical School has launched for the first time an online program for students as well as the general public. The program, HMS leaders said, represents the democratization of medical education. 

Called HMX Fundamentals, the program will offer coursework in four foundational subjects: physiology, immunology, genetics and biochemistry. Classes will begin on June 20 and are open to students of all ages, from high schoolers pondering a career in medicine or health care to scientifically and medically curious adult learners.

BostInno reported that the program was created thanks to an in-house startup. “We’ve been given the license to create something that’s innovative and new,” said Joanne Muller, Art director at the Office of online learning at Harvard Med, in an interview with BostInno.

Tuition for each HMX course is $800, combined tuition is $1,000 and for all four HMX Fundamentals courses, combined tuition is $1,800.