These are the universities leading on AI research

Photo:  IBM Research

Photo: IBM Research

Companies and governments are showing an increasing interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the industry is rapidly adapting to push the frontiers of AI. But no advancements can be made without the work of researchers and universities. 

In terms of publication volume in the field, China is the world leader, with researchers producing over 41,000 publications on artificial intelligence from 2011 to 2015, a new data analysis from Elsevier’s Scopus database for the Times Higher Education has shown.

In second place is the US with almost 25,500 publications, followed by Japan with 11,700 and the UK with 10,100 papers on the field. 

Source:  Elsevier/Scopus for Times Higher Education

Source: Elsevier/Scopus for Times Higher Education

However, although China is number one in terms of volume, it scored lower in terms of field-weighted citation impact, occupying the 34th position in the table. 

In terms of field-weighted citation impact, the world leader is Switzerland, with a citation impact score of 2.71, followed by Singapore (2.24) and Hong Kong (2.00).

The top 5 universities in the AI field, ranked by citation impact, are the MIT with a 3.57 citation impact, Carnegie Mellon University,  Nanyang Technological University, the University of Granada and the University of Southern California. 

Top universities leading on AI research*

  1. MIT: 1,011 publications / 3.57 field-weighted citation impact
  2. Carnegie Mellon University: 1,311 / 2.53
  3. Nanyang Technological University: 1,197 / 2.51
  4. University of Granada: 587 / 2.46
  5. University of Southern California: 627 / 2.35
  6. Technical University of Munich: 656 / 2.27
  7. Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences: 588 / 2.26
  8. Hong Kong Polytechnic University: 602 / 2.20
  9. National University of Singapore: 807 / 2.14
  10. Chinese University of Hong Kong: 530 / 2.09


*Source: Times Higher Education