One university is requiring all freshmen to take a coding course

Photo:   Almonroth .

Photo: Almonroth.

Miami University Farmer School of Business is introducing a core class requirement that aims to boost their graduates' chance to get a job: a coding course.

The decision was taken as a respond to the feedback from industry leaders on the skills they like to see in the graduates they hire. According to Forbes, this decision is notable after GE CEO Jeff Immelt's announcement that all its new hires will be trained in coding.

"Computational thinking is all about logic, analysis, and problem-solving—skills that prove useful in any job," writes Laurence Bradford, creator of Learn to Code With Me, in Forbes. Moreover, many companies today use data to make better and effective decisions. The business school detected this are of opportunity and decided to add coding to its core classes. 

“Learning a coding language can train students to think computationally to solve business problems. It’s valuable across all majors and it’s something more and more recruiters are looking for in candidates,” said Matthew Myers, dean of the Farmer School of Business.

It appears that data is the new currency. While a few universities are already taking note, many students and graduates, from a variety of fields, are considering adding this skill to their portfolios. Would more universities follow?