A bachelor's degree in Internet of Things is born

Internet of Things illustration

The Internet of Things degree from the Florida International University promises graduates to become device programmers, cybersecurity experts, and hardware designers.


The advent of automation, amid rapid technological transformations, has unleashed the developing of new educational options. We can now specialize in topics such as machine learning, take programming boot camps or get a big data MicroMaster. Continuing with this trend in educational innovation, the Florida International University unveiled the first bachelor's degree in Internet of things management.

Smartwatches, autonomous vehicles, fridges connected to the internet, activity monitors and remotely controlled home thermostats are some of the things that the Internet of Things (IoT) concept addresses; In short, the term describes the idea of devices acquiring, processing and transmiting data through the Internet.

The degree offered by Florida International University promises its graduates to become technology specialists in areas of their choice; programmers of devices connected to the internet, experts in cybersecurity and hardware designers.

When companies hire a computer science graduate, that employee focuses mainly on software aspects and programming. When they hire a computer engineer, that person can focus on the hardware aspect, but companies want to hire employees who can do it all. With this degree, these skill sets will be combined in one person.
— Kemal Akkaya, Program director of IoT at the Florida International University.

The goal of this program is to boost student’s communication skills, critical thinking, and domain of installation, maintenance, and development of connected devices and networks in which they operate.

Some of the subjects of this course are Microcontrollers for IoT devices, Wireless communications for IoT, Sensors for IoT, Hacking and ethical countermeasures, in addition to Writing and Rhetoric, Philosophy, Physics, Calculus, and Trigonometry.

The jobs of the future will require skills that many traditional titles do not provide. The Internet of things career can be an excellent option to mold efficiently and positively the way we interact with technology and each other.