High contrast in salaries among European teachers

Photo:  Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Teachers throughout Europe face a very contrasting reality, at least in salary.

According to a study by the OECD, the continent has both the best and worst paid elementary teachers among the countries selected for the study: Luxemburg educators are paid as much as $137,000 dollars a year, while Czech Republic’s get only $20,000.

Six European countries made it to the top ten: Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. The United States, Canada, Korea, and Japan complete the list.

Remarkably, eight of the worst paid countries are also in Europe: Italy, Sweden, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic.

Other data analyzed includes starting salaries, compared to 10 years after and top of pay scale. The highest contrast in this area belongs to Korea, whose teachers’ salary starts at $26,000, but grows to $75,000 at the top.