Google Cloud announces new certifications

Google Cloud headquarters

Google Cloud launches four new certifications and one specialization to lessen the shortage of talent in this technology and face challenges of cybersecurity.

Image: Google Cloud

To mitigate the deficit of workers specialized in cloud-based technologies and to battle the growing and uncontrolled cybercrime, Google Cloud launches four certifications on its website and a new specialization in the Coursera platform on cloud security.

The adoption of this technology is growing steadily. According to Gartner, the public cloud services market will grow 17.3% in 2019 --which represents more than 206.2 billion dollars.

Despite a great forecast, there are significant challenges that must be addressed: there is little talent trained in this technology and security in these platforms is a permanent concern.

In this regard, Google Cloud launches four new certifications and a specialization:

  • Professional Cloud Developer

    This certification is designed for developers who create native, scalable and high availability cloud applications. Also, they have experience with databases, execution environments, and development tools.

  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer

    These professionals implement and manage network architectures in Google Cloud Platform. It should be noted that this certification requires at least 1 year of practical experience in the Google Cloud platform and networks or teams in the cloud.

  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer

    This credential aims professionals who design, develop and manage secure infrastructures in the cloud. They dominate the management of identities and access, the definition of policies and the organizational structure, the use of Google technologies to provide data protection, the configuration of network security defenses and the management of incident responses.

  • G Suite Certification

    This credential allows students to demonstrate to employers the ability to use cloud-based tools: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, email solutions, and online meetings.

  • Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization

    Through lectures and hands-on labs, this specialization allows students to implement a secure infrastructure on the Google Cloud platform. This program includes three courses that address the design, development, and administration of cloud networking solutions to drive business objectives.

Rochana Golani, director of Google Cloud, said in a statement that by 2019 they would expand their certifications to support companies to identify qualified talent, increase the number of educational paths and offer more resources in Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

As an example on how these technologies can improve companies processes, Google Cloud is helping the New York Times digitize millions of photos from its archive.