Generation Z prefers learning on YouTube, says Pearson study

Generation Z students on Youtube

47% of Generation Z spend more than 3 hours a day on YouTube.


New research undertaken by Pearson, the leading company in educational resources, revealed some of the preferences, attitudes, and behaviors of young people regarding the role of technology in education. Generation Z seems to choose to learn through platforms like YouTube rather than instruction in classrooms.

The survey of 2,588 children and adults compared the educational preferences that exist between young people belonging to the so-called Generation Z (ages 14 to 23 years) and Millennials (adults from 24 to 40 years).

Generation Z

  • 59% prefer to use YouTube to learn, however, 39% favor that a teacher directs the instruction.
  • 47% spend more than 3 hours a day on a video platform.
  • 59% think that technology will significantly transform the pedagogical methods of universities.
  • 47% use apps and games to learn.


  • 44% prefer self-directed learning with the support of online courses and video lessons.
  • 60% use books to learn.
  • 66% think that technology will transform pedagogical methods used by universities.
  • 41% use apps for educational purposes.
  • Only 22% spend more than 3 hours on YouTube.

Although not many agree to pigeonhole young generations, certain trends are worth taking into account to better design educational content.