Udacity launches first flying cars Nanodegree program

Udacity unveils new flying cars Nanodegree program.

Udacity fuels engineers vision to achieve air transportation accessible to everyone with a first of its kind Nanodegree program.

The dream of having a flying car parked on our roof, ready to autonomously take us to the cinema or a shopping mall, is about to come true. Amazon flying drone shipping method is a reality. Intel’s Volocopter could be the first autonomous flying air taxi. Today, Udacity fuels engineers vision to achieve air transportation accessible to everyone with a flying car and autonomous flight Nanodegree program.

Udacity just launched a program to prepare the next generation of air transportation engineers. This two-term course aims to give students the knowledge to master technologies in planning, controls, estimation, fixed-wing aircrafts, system identification, mission optimization, fleet coordination, flying car systems, and write code for real aircrafts, among other subjects.

Flying Cars and drones are the future of transportation, and they will massively change the world. Autonomous systems are the key to this future. Graduates will be immediately qualified to work in, and shape, this incredible field.
— Sebastian Thrun. Udacity Co-founder.

This Nanodegree program will focus on developing the skills to build autonomous aircraft systems; planning and autonomy for three-dimensional mobility through hands-on projects in simulation.

Nicholas Roy Professor at MIT and founder of X Project Wing; Angela Schoellig, Professor at University of Toronto and Raffaello D’Andrea, Professor at ETH Zurich and founder of Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics), are amongst the instructors form the aerial innovator's field that will guide students through this groundbreaking program.

Udacity’s co-founder and instructor, Sebastian Thrun, considers we are just five years away from flying cars to be the most crucial topic among Silicon Valley Moguls. Past decades film and book science fiction predictions are becoming a reality and we can’t wait to ride a flying taxicab.