Edu Trends | MENTORING

Mentoring is a flexible relationship that can be understood and developed in many ways, in both business organizations and educational systems, where it is gaining prestige year after year.

The boom of mentoring programs over the past few years has been so notable that mentoring has been called on to play an increasingly important role within the media ecosystem and practices with which we learn in today’s knowledge society.

This edition offers an overview of mentoring as an
educational trend, particularly in the field of higher
education and entrepreneurship
, including the following

  • A tour of the evolution of mentoring in 10 key moments
    of history, from classical antiquity to the Digital Era.

  • A proposal for the definition of mentoring in contrast to
    other terms with which it is oen easily confused in
    academic settings: tutoring, coaching, advising and

  • A range of procedures to evaluate the quality of a
    mentoring process.

  • And more...


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