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Next Generation Learning Spaces


The classroom of the future needs to be designed, planned and 
implemented now, as universities are called upon to deliver more 
effective learning to a wider range of students than ever before. The future of education increasingly lies with those that can effectively integrate the latest tools, technologies and learning methodologies into next generation learning spaces – physical and virtual.

Savvy leaders must navigate many competing priorities, as they optimize their learning environments for a student body that expects both the latest in technology and close, collaborative contact with their peers. The challenges are huge, but progress is happening every day as innovators are finding new, exciting ways to deliver undergraduate and graduate students to the future of learning. If smart, robust learning spaces and technology strategies are your priority, you won’t want to miss Next 
Generation Learning Spaces as we uncover the keys to success.

  • Make the most of learning technology
  • Benchmark your learning spaces against other institutions
  • Gain insight into the latest research in learning effectiveness
  • Create a strategic roadmap to retrofit existing classrooms 
  • Improve your student success with more collaboration opportunities
  • Explore the best way to incorporate blended and flipped learning 
  • Monitor student engagement with new learning tools and software
  • Work effectively with internal or external partners

  Tennessee, EU