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oeb - Shaping the future of Learning


OEB 2015 will look at the challenge of modernity for education and training, and at how people, organisations, institutions and societies can use technology-enhanced education and training to accelerate the shift to a new age of opportunity.

Whether your interest is in formal or informal, workplace or classroom, in the cloud or on the ground, massive, personalised, social, open, corporate, pedagogy or analytics, OEB will provide ample opportunities to learn, share and collaborate. TOPICS: -Reforming the curriculum: quality, curation and content development
-New instructional practices: pedagogy, andragogy and didactics: for blended, flipped, immersive, gamified, social, mobile, immersive and more
-Learning beyond the course and curriculum: self-directed learning
-OE, OER, openness and open source
-Peers, networks and cross-sector collaboration
-Applying research based evidence
-Learning from evaluations -Product provision and new tech for learning: VR, augmented, holograms and more
-Hardware, software, devices, and apps
-Working and learning with new technologies; wearables, robotics, AI and more
-Machine learning and deep structural learning -Accrediting and applying competency-based learning, badges and credits
-Assessment: analysing efficiency, measuring success and effect
-The playing field: funding and commercialisation of education
-Net neutrality
-Privacy, security and online identity management
-Ownership and access
-Neuroscience, cognition, psychology and ICT philosophy
-Inclusion and equality                                              

Earlier Event: November 20
Later Event: December 5
Learning Forward 2015