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IEEE Virtual Reality 2016


Academics, researchers, industry folks, and VR enthusiasts can participate in a number of ways, including submitting papers, posters, lab/projects presentations, industrial presentations, panels, workshops, tutorials, research demos, videos, or exhibiting products. TOPIC:
-Tracking and sensing
-Input devices for VR/AR/MR
-Advanced display technology
-Immersive projection technology
-Haptics, audio, and other non‐visual interfaces
-Modeling and simulation
-Computer graphics techniques for VR/AR/MR
-Virtual humans and avatars
-Multi‐user and distributed VR/AR/MR
-VR systems and toolkits
-3D interaction for VR/AR/MR
-3D selection and 3D manipulation
-Locomotion and navigation in virtual environments
-User studies and evaluation
-Perception, presence, virtual embodiment, and cognition
-Teleoperation and telepresence
-Applications of VR/AR/MR

Greenville, South Carolina