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Edu TECH National Congress & Expo


Edu TECH is one of the largest education conference in the world. Learn about effective practices for improving the digital learning experience of your students
Gain a deeper understanding of the tech trends you need to be watching out for, listen to our international experts paint a picture of the university of the future and teach you how to better prepare for this Attend dedicated leadership seminar sessions for hands-on, engaged learning. Access to Australia's biggest educational technology exhibition - everyone under one roof, saving you time-
The Higher Ed Leaders Congress is designed specifically for VCs, Deans, Heads of Faculties, CEOs, Registrars and senior-level administrators from universities and higher education institutions to discuss how graduate and post-graduate education is evolving with the emergence of new technology, as well as how they need to adapt to new learning and social behaviours.
The event brings together internationally renowned leaders and experts to discuss the future of Higher Education in Australia (and the world) with a focus on the role that technology will play on:

-Improving pedagogy and learning
-Distance Learning
-Big Data & Learning Analytics
-Competency based learning
-Student acquisition, recruitment and engagement
-Deputy Vice-Chancellors
-Pro Vice-Chancellors
-Heads of Faculty
-Director General & Deputy Director Generals
-Marketing & Communications Directors/Managers
-Social Media Marketing Managers
-Student Recruitment/Acquisition Managers
-Student Experience Managers