The Virtual Reality Renaissance: How Learning in VR Will Inspire Action Like Never Before

November 10, 2015

The Virtual Reality Renaissance: How Learning in VR Will Inspire Action Like Never Before

Singularity HUB

  • In order to push the world in the right direction, we need to provide the education that will give people the tools to create new solutions, and we need to create a global collaboration infrastructure.
  • We need a generation of highly skilled innovators, entrepreneurs and thinkers to band and work together. In order to do this, these people will have to be highly educated. And virtual reality has the power to reshape how we learn.
  • In the virtual classrooms of the future, the path from inspiration to education to creation won’t happen over the course of years. It can happen in the span of an hour. Lessons will rely far less on memorization and rather on inspiring students with challenges and allowing them to craft solutions.
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A Handcrafted Education

The Synapse

  • As any teacher will tell you, the profession has gotten exponentially more complicated and challenging. The answer, many think, is to run schools like businesses.
  • But teaching and learning is not a business. What we need now are small, focused, driven groups of learners under the coaching of trained educators. The teacher’s role would evolve into a mentor, facilitator, collaborator and community liaison.
  • What will we gain? Focused, driven, connected and civic minded individuals who know how to work toward goals, solve complex problems, and reflect on their progress.
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From Class Clown To CEO: How Entrepreneurship Education Benefits K-12 Students


  • For Saras Sarasvathy, a renowned scholar at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, entrepreneurship is more than just building companies, “Entrepreneurship it’s about taking control of one’s life and making one’s own choices. That’s why everyone should be taught the entrepreneurial method in school, whether they want to start a business or not.”
  • But how does one teach entrepreneurship? The answer lies in Sarasvathy’s research, which dispels the myth that entrepreneurs are born, not made.
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Amazon Offers Up Research Money for ‘Crazy’ Ideas That Just Might Work

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Amazon plans to give money to University of Washington faculty members, students, or anybody on a campus who has a "bold, risky" idea for making the world a better place.
  • The new grant program takes aim at ugly-duckling research projects that have a big upside but are too nascent or implausible to win the attentions of federal grantmakers or venture capitalists.
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Teachers Become the Students During Faculty Bulldog Days

Yale News

  • During Faculty Bulldog Days, it’s the teachers’ turn to learn. They attend classes, complete required reading, and participate in discussions. Even Yale's President, Peter Salovey, took the opportunity to become a student for a day.
  • “The idea is to make teaching a community property on campus, to make the innovative teaching that happens in our classrooms part of the campus dialog,” said Scott Strobel, deputy provost for teaching and learning.
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How Students Use Social Media in School… For School

EdTech Times

  • Many teachers have concerns about using social media to communicate with their class, and for good reason. But as technology becomes more and more ingrained in students’ lives, social media may be one of the most effective ways for teachers to communicate with students.
  • The following infographic shares a few examples on how to use social media in school in an effective (and safe) manner.
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Students Speak Up About Learning Analytics

eCampus News

  • A new report, “The Impact of Technology on College Student Study Habits” reveals that students’ desire for instant feedback, such as the kind they receive through social media, could be a significant asset when it comes to studying with the help of learning analytics technology.
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