How Teachers And Entrepreneurs Should Think About Education Technology

November 3, 2015

How Teachers And Entrepreneurs Should Think About Education Technology


  • Most arguments for innovations in edtech focus on the ways in which new digital tools will help students. But we forget that edtech is fundamentally a tool for teachers. Great learning tools help teachers do their jobs more effectively by providing more data.
  • However, many teachers are afraid of assessment data and this fear has become an obstacle that often prevents teachers from adopting technologies that were built to eliminate a dependence on harmful standardized assessment metrics.
  • Critics of digital learning technologies fear that teachers will be replaced with robotic avatars. But game-based assessments and digital adaptive learning technologies will provide an opportunity for teachers to more effectively act as mentors–as sherpas, as facilitators.
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The Tech Elite’s Quest to Reinvent School in Its Own Image


  • For decades now, technologists have been attempting to reinvent the school system. But at least so far, most of these efforts have run afoul. So now, some tech-minded parents and entrepreneurs are building their own alternatives.
  • Salman Khan is one of them. Khan is trying to reinvent the classroom. Again. And to do so, he has started a new school in Silicon Valley: the Khan Lab School.
  • The goal isn’t just to build one fancy school but to develop and test a new model of learning that can be exported to other schools around the world. To do so, Khan is setting up the Center for Learning Innovation, a network to enable similar-minded schools to share their projects and findings.
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How Teachers Can Run Classrooms Like ‘Lean Startups’


  • Like any startup, a classroom must deliver services under unpredictable conditions. Like entrepreneurs, teachers continuously improvise new approaches, measure if they work, and learn from their successes (or failures) immediately. Are the students learning? What’s working?
  • When it comes to teaching, being able to quickly understand whether or not your students are learning—and then adjusting your practice accordingly—is crucial to the profession. So how can educators co-opt Lean Startup methods to design the best possible classroom?
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Universities Should Rethink Academic Ideals—Joining Industry Supercharges Research and Tech

Singularity Hub

  • Corporate executives have no idea what to do to survive this tsunami of technology convergence; even the innovation models that they were trained on, such as Clayton Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma, have become defunct.
  • Universities, though, do have the experts. They have an abundance of talent and intellectual property. This is a goldmine for industry. What better place is there to acquire intellectual property and talent than the universities, after all?
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From Bionics to 'Magic,' MIT Media Lab Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation


  • The MIT Media Lab was launched in 1985 to bring together experts from different academic fields, founded on the idea that mixing and matching researchers and students would yield previously unimaginable technological breakthroughs.
  • Out of the MIT Media Lab has emerged the predecessor to Google Glass, the technology behind e-readers, the video game Guitar Hero and a bionic prosthetic leg.
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“Peak indifference”: Cory Doctorow On Surveillance in Education

OEB Online Educa

  • Cory Doctorow is a long-time activist for our rights in the digital world; he’s the former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and he has been leading the fight against Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies.
  • At OEB 2015, Doctorow will address issues like digital locks, security and the Internet of Things (IoT) with a global audience of edtech learning and training professionals. Because it’s in education, he says, where this has been normalised, and users (the students) have become particularly vulnerable.
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Edtech’s Next Big Disruption Is The College Degree


  • For centuries, the college degree has been the global gold standard for assessing an individual entering the workforce. But the degree’s days alone at the top are most definitely numbered.
  • By 2020, the traditional degree will have made room on its pedestal for a new array of modern credentials that are currently gaining mainstream traction as viable measures of learning, ability and accomplishment.
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6 Tips for Innovative Teaching in A Digital Age

eSchool News

  • Learning to change your teaching practice in today’s digital-first world is a bit like learning a foreign language. Veteran educator Ann McMullan, former executive director of educational technology at Klein ISD in Texas, offers her best advice for innovative teaching that all educators can try.
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