Learners Are the Driver

January 12, 2016

Learners Are the Driver

Connected Principals

  • In the Alberta Education Competency Wheel the “3 E’s” (Ethical Citizen, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Engaged Thinker) are the bigger goals in learning but the learner is in the centre of the circle.
  • Learners should be at the centre of what we do because “Learners are the driver, and technology is the accelerator.” There has been no time in history where any one thing has worked for all of our students. If it did, we would all be doing it.
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How Software that Learns as it Teaches is Upgrading Brazilian Education

The Guardian

  • André Urani Municipal School, a technology-focused experimental academy, Geekie Labs delivers the entire high-school syllabus in hundreds of digital lessons and also evaluates the students’ performance at every step, feeding real-time data to teachers and the school.
  • The transmission of content is one of the platform’s main benefits. “You simply don’t need a teacher to carry out this part.” The idea at André Urani is that teachers become mentors rather than lecturers, while the children take a more active role in the study process: “They stop being pupils, and become students.”
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How Startups Are Solving A Decades-Old Problem In Education


  • Mastery learning is an educational approach where educators work with a student as long as necessary to ensure the student has mastered one topic or skill before moving on to the next.
  • Startups are using "online mentorship" to combine the strengths of technology with the unique value of human beings to make a fundamental change in how we teach.
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Keywords: mastery learning, mentorship, Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem, startups, teaching

A 'No-Nonsense' Classroom Where Teachers Don't Say 'Please'


  • Any classroom can get out of control from time to time. But one unique teaching method called 'No-Nonsense Nurturing', empowers teachers to stop behavior problems before they begin.
  • The method notices students who are doing the right thing. It creates this positive momentum, but also gives the students who might have missed the directions another way of hearing it without being nagging, and also seeing it in action.
Read more: http://bit.ly/NoNonsenseClass

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Competitive Ed-Tech Grants Fuel Teacher Innovation

Education Week

  • Should school leaders make teachers compete for first dibs on access to new learning technologies? Some school leaders are saying absolutely yes—give the tools to the educators who will set the best examples and let the others follow.
  • Instead of delivering ed tech to all classrooms from the top down, many districts are experimenting with having teachers apply for access to ed tech. The teachers who submit winning proposals are being rewarded with first access to new technologies.
Read more: http://bit.ly/EdTechGrantsFuel

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Can a Teaching Support Center also be an “Innovation Incubator”?

Inside Higher Ed

  • Innovation, as a verb, not a noun, is the process of exploration, experimentation and exploitation of new opportunities to create value – in our case, to advance teaching and learning for student success.
  • Can a teaching support center evolve into an incubator for educational innovations ‒ and more importantly, should it? We’ll consider first the mix of activities typically included in a teaching support center, and then look at how the expertise and culture behind such activities might match up or differ from what an innovation center requires.
Read more: http://bit.ly/InnovationTeachSuppCenters

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Become a Listening Educator: How to Hear and Connect to Your Students


  • Sure, you can hear the words that are coming out of your students’ mouths. But are you really listening to them? Nothing is more important than making that personal connection.
  • Paying attention to students and listening to them can have positive, lasting effects on them. Listening is more than just hearing; it requires understanding predicated by a shift in how we listen.
Read more: http://bit.ly/ListeningEducator

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Engaging In Isolation: Student Engagement In A Flipped Classroom


  • The Flipped Classroom model allows every student to learn at their own pace. Combined with the own-place, own-time nature of eLearning, this means students now consume content in a very asynchronous manner.
  • When classroom content is now consumed in relative isolation at home, how do teachers get the information they need to teach effectively? “Isolation” inherent in the Flipped classroom means that students may not have access to intervention at the moment of need.
Read more: http://bit.ly/EngagementFlippedClass

Keywords: flipped classroom, teaching strategies, communication, students engagement

11 Ed-Tech Buzzwords and Phrases to Think About

eSchool News

  • Get a group of educators together either online or in person and at times it can seem like they’re speaking a different dialect. At best, ed-tech buzzwords can serve as a sort of shorthand when conversing with like minds to quickly touch on relevant, universally-understood phenomena. At worst, edubabble is “an act of unconscionable self-indulgence.”
Read more: http://bit.ly/EdTechBuzzwords

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