Networked Learning as Experiential Learning

January 19, 2016

Networked Learning as Experiential Learning


  • What kind of educational experiences change lives? The experience of building and participating within a digitally mediated network of discovery and collaboration is an increasingly necessary foundation for all other forms of experiential learning in a digital age.
  • Offering students the possibility of experiential learning in personal, interactive, networked computing provides the richest opportunity yet for integrative thinking within and beyond "schooling."
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Keywords: experiential learning, networked learning, teaching, digital age

Find Mentors and Create Your Own PLN To Stay Fresh and Excited About Your Practice

The Teachers Guild

  • A veteran teacher reflects on relationships that nurture us, encourage professional growth, and lifelong learning. Creating your own personal learning network, or PLN, full of people who inspire is vital to staying engaged and uplifted in the day to day work in our classrooms.
  • Personal connections matter and can make the difference between someone becoming a life-long learner or leaving the profession because they feel unsupported.
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Keywords: teaching, professional development, mentoring, personal connections, advice

Patenting Pedagogy?

Inside Higher Ed

  • A recent patent application by Khan Academy for A/B testing in education is raising questions about whether teaching methods can be patented, but patent law experts see the move as an influential player fortifying its position in the market.
  • The patent suggests Khan Academy is aware of the growing interest in online and adaptive education. Applying for a patent now, the experts said, could prevent legal issues in the future.
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Keywords: online education, adaptive learning, patents, pedagogy

Flipping the Classroom When Home Access is a Problem

eSchool News

  • Too many teachers have ruled out the flipped classroom on account of their students’ lack of access. It’s true that a lack of reliable internet access at home can make flipping a challenge, but by no means an impossibility.
  • Believe it or not, flipping the classroom can actually help close this gap. If only the gap weren’t the main reason educators choose not to flip in the first place. So how can we reach kids who don’t have consistent access?
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Keywords: flipped classroom, digital divide

New UNESCO Portal Delivers Ed Support Globally

THE Journal

  • A new online resource launched by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), called IIEP Learning Portal, offers summaries of and links to research on ways to improve learning, with coverage of teachers and pedagogy, learners, curriculum, schools and classrooms and education system management. Materials are available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.
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Keywords: education, resources, pedagogy

Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • The opening five minutes offer us a rich opportunity to capture the attention of students and prepare them for learning. They walk into our classes trailing all of the distractions of their complex lives. In this column I offer four quick suggestions for the first few minutes of class to focus the attention of students and prepare their brains for learning.
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The Faculty Role Online, Scrutinized

Inside Higher Ed

  • The Education Department's inspector general is auditing Western Governors University, the largest and most-established competency-based provider, over the faculty role in its competency-based programs. The high-stakes audit is relevant to other colleges and forms of online learning.
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Keywords: higher education, online education, competency-based education

Technology and the Imminent Disruption of Higher Education: Is Fear the Path to the Dark Side?

Academica Forum

  • All of the available evidence suggests that regardless of whether institutions embrace this new world of technology-enhanced learning, their future students undoubtedly will. If an institution cannot support flexible, high quality, and competitively-priced learning journeys for students of all ages and backgrounds, then another institution will, and it may be based anywhere from Arizona to New Zealand.
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3 Key Challenges and Strategies for College Professors


  • Teaching can be extremely challenging. No matter how prepared you are for the college classroom, there will always be issues. After a few years of college teaching, I have identified three key issues that can negatively impact your college teaching and some solutions to those issues.
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