We need to disrupt education’s "seat time equals learning" model

October 25, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Embrace High-Impact Learning

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Must a high-impact learning experience require an extended period of time to be, in fact, high impact? According to Randy Bass, who leads innovative learning initiatives at Georgetown University, we have moved into the "post-course era". So, how can we introduce high-impact experiences into our traditional course settings? Here are some practices from the software-development world that can be adapted to disrupt undergraduate education’s "seat time equals learning" model.

Quality and Competency

Inside Higher Ed

  • Competency-based education (CBE) is growing rapidly, with as many as 600 colleges seeking to create new programs. But CBE has plenty of critics who say it can be a box-checking approach that is inferior to traditional higher education. Proponents, however, said it can require more rigor and proof of learning. To provide standards to the field and prevent the rise of bad actors, a group of colleges released a set of voluntary quality standards for the emerging form of higher education.

Research Confirms Screen Time is Hurting Children’s School Performance


  • In a new study researchers found a correlation between the time school-aged children spent watching TV, playing videogames, and using computers, tablets, and smartphones with an increased likelihood of not completing their homework assignments. Furthermore, it also makes kids care less about finishing tasks and learning new things.

Pump up the volume! More talking in class, please!

The Hechinger Report

  • Last year, an ed tech startup called Desmos faced a curious conundrum: With each student deeply engaged in a different part of the lesson, “teachers were having trouble starting class discussions.” This was troubling, because students learn a lot from debating ideas, sharing feedback and collectively exploring big questions. In the push for personalized learning, can technology rescue group discussions?

Half of academics confused about open data

Times Higher Education

  • According to a new report, more than half of academics that have openly shared their data are unsure about the licensing conditions of doing so. The report, The State of Open Data, looks at attitudes to data sharing and reveals the results of a survey of 2,000 academics worldwide.

Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners


  • Playing games is fun. Some people pour hours into games without complaint. You can tap into that kind of engagement through gamification—applying game elements to non-game environments to encourage higher participation and motivation. The key is to gamify learning experiences with the right combination of game mechanics. Here are some good mechanics for building engagement and learning.

Secret Shoppers ‘Pimp’ Academics’ Online Profiles

Times Higher Education

  • Some claim that careers and grants can profit on a good online presence, that is why academics are often being told why and how they should keep up appearances online through social media and web profiles. But, should universities themselves intervene to help academics build their digital footprint? This Australian university seeks to improve researchers’ digital identities. But does this risk excessive uniformity?

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