Why Empathy Holds the Key to Transforming 21st Century Learning

November 22, 2016

Why Empathy Holds the Key to Transforming 21st Century Learning


  • What if we discovered one unifying factor that gave us a coherent sense of how to stimulate the intellect, teach students to engage in collaborative problem solving and creative challenge, and foster social-emotional balance and stability? Empathy -- the ability to understand another person's experiences and emotions -- can be a powerful learning tool for students and an important outcome of meaningful work.

Launching Innovation through Teacher to Teacher Learning

Education Week

  • When teachers are interviewed about who has the most influence over their teaching practice, the number one answer is: "other teachers." This is the first post in a series based on the new free online course, Launching Innovation in Schools, offered through edX and taught by MIT faculty Justin Reich and Peter Senge.

New study shows variety in teachers’ influences on kids’ futures, and how poorly we measure that

The Hechinger Report

  • Most teachers know that running a successful classroom requires a number of different skills, including managing class activities, exercising discipline, keeping students engaged and teaching content. A new study gives empirical evidence that these skills are distinct, and that teachers who master one of them don’t necessarily master the rest.

Putting the City at the Heart Of Place-Based Education

Getting Smart

  • Place-Based Education practitioners seem to frame “place” primarily as rural or wild, with few examples featuring urban landscapes. Since the majority of us live in urban areas, let's also include PBE in the city. Here is how.

Wearable Tech Weaves Its Way Into Learning


  • Eye-trackers that detect when your mind is wandering. Clothes that let you “feel” what it’s like to be in someone else’s body. Sensors that connect your heart rate to how engaged you are in class. These are the kinds of wearable technologies that could soon impact how we learn.

South Korea's Testing Fixation

The Atlantic

  • Last week, the country came to a halt as its high-school seniors took the national eight-hour college-entrance exam—a test that many students have been preparing for since kindergarten. The Suneung is seen as “the final goal and final determinant of their lives.”

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