Learning in the age of digital distraction: Implications and challenges

November 8, 2016

Learning In The Age Of Digital Distraction


  • The new book The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains In A High-Tech World makes the case for managing the tsunami of digital distractions to aid how we learn, absorb information and live. In this interview, neurologist Adam Gazzaley talks about what his research tells us about teaching, learning, studying and screen time in the age of digital distraction.

How to Deal With Digital Distractions

The New York Times

  • We live in a world of screens, where digital distractions contend with our need to learn. Is multitasking a good idea? No. Basically, people are bad at it. On the other hand, performance isn’t the same as learning and in some cases, distractions can create better learning. The important thing is acknowledging that some students can tweet and take a test and some can’t.

Find your own Finland

The Keyword / Google

  • Since reforming its education system 40 years ago, Finland has earned the reputation of an innovator in education. We see their progress as an opportunity to learn about the issues that impact the educational discipline. But author Michael Fullan proposes a way to look at countries suchs as Finland for inspiration while building one's own culture of collaborative professionalism.

Students Need ‘Soft Skills’ Courses as Part of Degrees

Times Higher Education

  • Universities should teach students “social and emotional” skills on top of their academic studies to prepare them for the demands of 21st-century society, according to the former president of Shanghai Normal University. “We have designed our education systems around the norms of the industrial society,” said Professor Zhang. “It is no longer adequate. How can you reframe that? The future needs to be a lot more integrated.

Schools That Work

The New York Times

  • Social scientists have quietly spent years analyzing the outcomes of students who attend charter schools — public schools that operate outside the normal system — The findings are stark: Many charter schools fail to live up to their promise, but one type has repeatedly shown impressive results.

Three Steps to Better Engage Higher Education Students

Getting Smart

  • Despite our best efforts, retention rates at postsecondary educational institutions haven’t markedly improved in more than eight years. Here are three steps for improving higher education student engagement: Team learning, entertainment in learning and embracement of social media technologies.

It Takes a Teacher to Encourage Students to Draw Inspiration From the World Around Them

The Keyword / Google

  • High school Spanish teacher, Arlene Parra, is passionate about bringing the outside world into the classroom to teach. With Parra, students learn more than the vocabulary of another language, they learn how to connect with the community around them.

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