What Learning Will Look Like in 2035

February 23, 2016

What Learning Will Look Like in 2035

Getting Smart

  • We don’t know what learning will look like in 2035 but we can predict a wider variety of approaches and options: instead of school choice, it will be experience choice; instead of a focus on coherent school models, we’ll focus on coherent learning pathways.
  • With these caveats and assumptions, here are 40 predictions about learning in 2035. These projections include: virtual reality, open learning, portfolios, project-based learning, virtual assistants, micro-credentialing and lifelong learning.
Read more: http://bit.ly/Learning2035

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How We Help Our Students to Learn More by Teaching Them Less


  • We have access to more free resources as teachers and learners on the Internet than we could ever hope to index. But how does this impact on the syllabuses we teach to and user experience (UX) in the classroom?
  • By switching our focus away from content and towards the overall learning experience, we’ve been able to slash our syllabus by 40% and, in doing so, improve the relevance and quality of learning without adding to teachers’ workload.
Read more: http://bit.ly/LearnMoreWithLess

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Amazon Education to Launch New Website for Open Education Resources

Edweek Market Brief

  • Amazon Education is working on a new platform that will allow schools to upload, manage, share, and discover open education resources. They’re calling it Amazon Inspire, and is scheduled to be released publicly in a few months.
  • Users of the site will be able to add ratings and reviews, and to receive recommendations based on their previous selections. Educators will be able to curate open resources, self-publish material they have developed, and put a school’s entire digital library that is open and freely available online.
Read more: http://bit.ly/AmazonOER

Keywords: open educational resources, OER, educational technology

Digital Portfolios + Open Badges + Blockchain = Personal Learning Ledger

Medium / Badge Chain

  • It’s important to remember that learning itself may be seen as the construction of identities. To engage in learning is to engage in the project of constructing and reconstructing identity.
  • The integration of digital portfolios, open badges and blockchain allows the possibility to construct a Personal Learning Ledger and to re-invent learning itself. This integration allows learners to display their credentials and becomes the students’ digital identities as learners.
Read more: http://bit.ly/ThePersonalLedger

Keywords: innovation ineducation, digital portfolios, learning, open badges, blockchain, bitcoin

How Finland Broke Every Rule — And Created a Top school System

The Hechinger Report

  • Finland’s historic achievements in delivering educational excellence and equity to its children are the result of a national love of childhood, a profound respect for teachers as trusted professionals, and a deep understanding of how children learn best.
  • Unlike in America, no teacher in Finland is allowed to lead a primary school class without a master’s degree in education, with specialization in research and classroom practice, from one of this small nation’s eleven elite graduate schools of education.
Read more: http://bit.ly/EduinFinland

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ePortfolio — The LMS for Students?

Campus Technology

  • Perhaps the most important aspect of eportfolio is that it is a student-owned learning space that persists over time and is identified with the student, not with a professor or a course.
  • The implications of having a student-owned space in the academic part of the institution is revolutionary because it is saying the student is an active agent in her own learning process. In this scenario, the student LMS — their learning management system — is their eportfolio.
Read more: http://bit.ly/ePortfolioLMS

Keywords: learning, eportfolios, LMS, student-centered learning

Study Shows Faculty Members Remain Skeptical and Unfamiliar with Digital and Open Educational Resources

Inside Higher Ed

  • Quality, cost, reputation -- in that order. Those are the top three factors that influence how faculty members pick which textbooks and course materials they assign, according to the results of a survey.
  • The report, “Going Digital”, suggest faculty members are in no rush to get rid of physical textbooks. Only 15.1 percent of faculty members said they used primarily digital materials. Open educational resources, meanwhile, remain unknown or unused by all but 15 percent of faculty members.
Read more: http://bit.ly/StudyOERFaculty

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The Global Teacher Prize: WATCH the Stories of the Ten Teachers Shortlisted for $1m


  • The Global Teacher Prize, organised by the Varkey Foundation, today announced the 10 teachers from around the world on its shortlist to win the $1m prize in March. Read their stories and watch their inspiring videos.
Read more: http://bit.ly/GlobalTeacherPrize2016

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What if Teachers Were Treated Like Startup Founders?

Medium / The Synapse

  • Like the business world, there are small business owner-types, startup founder-types, and corporate-types in the teacher world. Teachers have similar key traits that are routinely assigned to startup founders. Yet, the resources and benefits afforded to teachers are few and far between when compared with startup founders.
Read more: http://bit.ly/TeachersStartup

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