How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?

February 9, 2016

How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?


  • Today we have so much information easily available through search engines, especially Google. But does it make us smarter? There is a relative lack of research available examining the effect of search engines on our brains even as the technology is rapidly dominating our lives.
  • For Terry Heick, the Internet holds great potential for education — but curriculum must change accordingly. Since content is so readily available, teachers should not merely dole out information and instead focus on cultivating critical thinking.
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Keywords: inquiry learning, internet, search engines, teaching and learning

NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition

The New Media Consortium

  • This 13th edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education.
  • The report presents six key trends (including blended learning, deeper learning and cultures of innovation), six significant challenges (including blended formal and informal learning, digital literacy and personalized learning), and six important developments in educational technology (including BYOD, learning analytics, adaptive learning and virtual reality).
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Keywords: higher education, reports, trends, educational technology

MIT Announces Spate of Digital Education Initiatives

Education News

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is expected to expand research programs that explore online and digital education at all levels, from pre-K through higher education, as the result of a 2014 institute-wide task force focused on the future of education.
  • The MIT Integrated Learning Initiative will use science to better understand how people learn, which will benefit not only students on campus, but also teacher training and those around the world learning through digital platforms.
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Keywords: education, learning, research, science, resources, teacher training

How Peer Video Coaching is Completely Changing How Our Teachers Teach

eSchool News

  • The days of after-school PowerPoint-driven lectures and daylong workshops on an obsolete topic, have recently given way to face-to-face coaching programs and professional learning communities. A new era of professional development is here.
  • Teachers really appreciate watching themselves and their peers in action. It’s powerful. It helps to generate ideas of how to teach in new and engaging ways. Video = data, online video coaching accelerates the pace of the professional development cycle even before the coach returned to the classroom.
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Keywords: teachers, professional development, teacher training

Why Some Colleges Are Ditching the Science Lecture For Hands-On Learning


  • The University of Colorado Boulder has started a movement to improve the quality of science education. And the LAs (Learning Assistant: an undergraduate trained and paid to help teach fellow students) are at the center of this work.
  • CU Boulder still has big lectures, but science and engineering classes also feature weekly small group discussions, labs and demonstrations facilitated by the LAs under the supervision of grad students. The LAs take a course on pedagogy and research-driven teaching techniques.
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Keywords: science, higher education, learning, learning assistants

How to Make Public Engagement a Priority at Research Universities

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Universities' expertise should be used to solve society's complex problems and public engagement needs to be integrated into both faculty-reward systems and students' educational experiences.
  • Robert J. Jones, president of the University at Albany, spoke with The Chronicle about how college leaders need to make the case that community engagement not only is in the public's best interest but also is in universities' best interest.
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What is Student Centered Learning?

EdTech Review

  • In a student centered classroom the instruction command changes from “Do-As-I-Say” to “Lets See How We Can Do This” where the solutions are brought forward together and not just by the teacher. Believing in students’ capacity to lead is what drives a student-centered classroom.
  • Student-centered classrooms include students in planning, implementation, and assessments. Involving the learners in these decisions will give them a sense of responsibility and authority over their learning.
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Keywords: 21st century learning, student centered learning, edtech dictionary, teaching

The Clayton Christensen Institute Launches New "Social Network" of Blended Learning Programs

PR Newswire

  • The one-stop-shop for blended learning resources just got a lot more social. The Blended Learning Universe, or BLU, unveiled an exciting upgrade to its already-popular school directory: interactive DIY profiles. With this new feature, blended learning schools can build their own profiles—similar to Facebook or LinkedIn—and share real-time information with parents, funders, and other schools.
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Keywords: blended learning, resources, social media, BLUschool, K12

Changing the Value of Teaching in Universities

University Affairs

  • If teaching is a major part of the university’s mission, why is it not valued as much as research? We need to examine why, exactly, it is taken for granted that teaching work is less valued and less prestigious than research.
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