The Myth of the Hero Teacher

March 1, 2016

The Myth of the Hero Teacher

The New York Times

  • Maybe you have had the fantasy: Chuck your day job to teach in a public school in a blighted neighborhood like in the movies: “Dangerous Minds” and “Stand and Deliver,” in which heroic teachers reach into the lives of at-risk adolescents and make a difference.
  • Ed Boland believed he could be one of them. “I thought, I can do this. I want to work on the front lines. I want to be one of those teachers that kids really like and listen to and learn from, and you can turn a kid around.” On his fifth day, his students schooled him in just how wrong he was.
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Teaching Together for Change

Five Factors that Make Teacher Teams Successful — And Make Schools Stronger

Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • While 21st-century pedagogy puts group projects and collaborative learning at center stage for students, these cooperative habits have not yet assumed such a prominent role for teachers. But collaboration among teachers is growing, with positive repercussions across schools.
  • A new paper by Susan Moore Johnson, Stefanie K. Reinhorn, and Nicole S. Simon from the Harvard Graduate School of Education examines when and how this collaboration works best. The researchers found five factors that consistently contribute to a team’s success.
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Between the Lines of Our Pedagogy

Faculty Focus

  • Our teaching persona is expressed in how we go about shaping the learning environment. A purposeful integration of our teaching persona helps link students with content in subtle ways.
  • The uniqueness of who we are in the classroom—what our teaching persona is—breathes between the lines of our pedagogy as we shape the learning environment. What we want to flourish in student learning we can choose to make visible in our teaching. Our persona is one avenue for this.
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4 Strategic Decisions to Take When Planning a Competency-Based Education Program

Getting Smart

  • Competency-based education (CBE) is on the rise in higher education. But CBE is complex, because of the shift away from the traditional building blocks of educational programs – time, classrooms, group-pacing, credit hours and semesters to name a few.
  • Pearson recently released a framework, the CBE Playbook, that provides a guide to help educators seeking to develop CBE programs deal with the twin challenges of complexity and uncertainty and to coordinate efforts across the whole institution.
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Personalized Learning: Why Your Classroom Should Sound Like a Coffee Shop

The Hechinger Report

  • There seems to be confusion around the term “Personalized Learning” and what is and what is not personalized learning. Teachers are always asking what does it look like and what happens in their role. The first thing we say is that the room sounds like a coffee shop. Yet, in most traditional classrooms, the teacher is doing most of the talking. Teachers’ roles are and should be changing. Here is how some schools are making the shift.
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Notes on Teaching with Slack

Zach Whalen

  • Last semester, I started using Slack with one of my classes in an unofficial, low-key experiment. This semester I’ve gone even further. I’m trying to move all of the things that I used to do with our LMS (Canvas) into Slack. Moving into a new LMS-like tool forces me to re-evaluate what exactly I need from a tool like an LMS. As I replace things I did elsewhere with things I can do in Slack, I must consider now whether those things were worth doing in the first place.
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Study In Your PJs? What A High School 'Work From Home Day' Looks Like


  • No alarm. No school bus. No problem. Thanks to a school's laptop program, a software system called Schoology that allows students and teachers to communicate by text and video and post assignments. "Our ultimate goal is to prepare kids for life after high school."
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What Is Virtual Reality's Role in Education? An Interview with Nearpod Cofounder Felipe Sommer


  • Nearpod launched virtual reality lessons. Their platform is the first publicly available virtual reality (VR) tool for schools. It could be an academic revolution, but are teachers ready for it? As teachers journey into uncharted territory, who will direct them with professional development? Virtual reality has received a great deal of press lately, but how will it function in the classroom?
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Pearson Launches Year-Long Webinar Series for Higher Ed PD

Campus Technology

  • Pearson has launched "Learning Makes Us," a year-long professional development webinar series designed to introduce college and university educators to pedagogical approaches, learning designs, educational trends and research. Educators will have the opportunity to earn Acclaim professional development badges that can be easily shared on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
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