Rethinking Grading

March 8, 2016

Rethinking Grading

Inside Higher Ed

  • How can we make assessment more meaningful? Rigorous assessment is central to education. It tells us whether our students are mastering essential skills and knowledge and whether our teaching is effective. But grading also provokes much grousing.
  • Grades are inconsistent across disciplines; grades offer students little feedback; grades do not reflect engagement and growth; and too often, grades do not truly recognize students who excel or motivate students to persist and ultimately master the material.
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Keywords: education, assessment, teaching and learning, Steven Mintz

When Students Lead the Discussion

Faculty Focus

  • Class discussion can take many different forms, each with its own style and descriptive moniker. For example there's the tennis match, beaded necklace, life raft, the spoked wheel and more.
  • Peter Wayne Moe shares his experience with teacher-less discussions and how that approach allowed him to rethink the teacher-student relationship in and outside the classroom.
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Keywords: teaching and learning, class discussion, student engagement

Is 'Grit' Doomed To Be The New Self-Esteem?


  • The new federal education law in the U.S. requires states to include at least one non-academic outcome in their accountability formulas. The Nation's Report Card will be asking questions like this next year; so will the international PISA test.
  • Some schools are already moving to high-stakes testing of social and emotional skills such as self-control, grit and empathy. But some experts say the enthusiasm is getting ahead of the science, maybe it's too soon.
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Keywords: social and emotional skills, assessment, common core

There Is No FDA For Education. Maybe There Should Be


  • Thomas Kane, a leading professor of education at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, says American education research gets an F. For too long, he says, education research mostly remains trapped in glossy journals and excellent research hasn't been translated into meaningful change.
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Keywords: learning, education, research

Intelligence Unleashed: How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Education

Getting Smart

  • Pearson and the UCL Knowledge Lab, University College London, launched a new paper entitled Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for AI in Education. The paper defines what AI is and what can offer education. The authors call AIEd, “the engine behind much ‘smart’ EdTech,” as well as a powerful tool providing “deeper, and more fine-grained understandings of how learning actually happens.”
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Keywords: learning, research, artificial intelligence, AI, pedagogy

Could Slack Be the Next Online Learning Platform?


  • How can we teach and assess subjects that are nuanced, nonlinear and deeply human on platforms that are increasingly adaptive and automated? Slack facilitates an online, supercharged version of watercooler conversation, enabling people to trade information and chat informally with colleagues. And it might just be a game changer for online education.
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Keywords: education technology, tools, learning platforms, online education

Confessions from DarknetED

Getting Smart

  • DarknetED is the online home of the Un-Compliant. Here you will find the disruptors/instigators/change makers/game changers/avant garde educators who are restless and dissatisfied waiting for EdWorld to catch up with modern times. DarknetED is hiding in plain sight while teachers-in-the-trenches fly underneath the radar to provide the “real” education that young minds need and want.
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Keywords: educators, innovation in education, communication, collaboration, innovators

3 Things Connected Educators Do Differently

Education DIVE

  • The book, "What Connected Educators Do Differently," is an examination of how connecting with peers nationwide and even globally can help educators boost success in their own schools. The authors broke down characteristics and practices that set connected educators apart from their peers."Being connected starts with a mindset, not a workshop."
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