Learning Before You Innovate

April 26, 2016

Learning Before You Innovate

Connected Principals

  • The emphasis on “creation” in schools is crucial, yet it does not mean that consumption is not crucial in the process. Creation without consumption is similar to playing the air guitar. That is why the ability to learn is so crucial to innovation.
  • It is not about just learning information, but what you do with it that is mattering more in our world today, but if we are not willing to learn in the first place, the innovation will not happen. This thinking is illustrated in the “Alberta Competency Wheel”.
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Embracing Failure as a Necessary Part of Deeper Learning

Getting Smart

  • In order for deep learning to occur, everyone needs to be reassured that there will be moments of failure. And trust isa very important key in this process. Trust needs to exist between teachers and students, and between the administration and teachers.
  • Trust is especially important in an environment where you are working with students to personalize their learning experience. Creating that environment starts with building strong relationships between students and teachers.
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Keywords: deeper learning, learning design, teaching strategies, personalized learning

SEND Focus: 'We are failing all children by teaching them that "SEND kids" should be treated differently'


  • What does inclusion look like today? In many schools it looks like a pupil with special educational needs and disability (SEND) working with a teaching assistant in a corner, or even in a separate room, while the teacher deals with the rest of the class.
  • Nicole Dempsey, co-founder of the Educational Rights Alliance, explains why current inclusion practices are having a negative impact on pupils. These kids are are facing what Dempsey calls the "internal-segregation-as-inclusion paradigm".
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Keywords: education, teaching, special educational needs, SEND

Education Alchemy: Turning School From Feared to Favorite Place


  • Transitions Academy, a small program in Cherry Hill, is working with students that suffer with a problem called: "School refusal." The Anxiety and Depression Association of America defines it as the disorder of a child who refuses to go to school on a regular basis or has trouble staying in school.
  • Anxiety-based school refusal affects 2 to 5 percent of school-age children. School refusal can be a disorder that is misunderstood and can easily go undiagnosed, leading to loss of valuable learning, isolation, and family turmoil as well as social and emotional problems.
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Keywords: teaching, psychology, anxiety problems, depression, students, childhood disorders

Can AI fix education? We asked Bill Gates

The Verge

  • The rise of smartphones has transformed the way students communicate and entertain themselves. But the classrooms they spend so much of their time in remain stubbornly resistant to transformation and in most schools, the approach to teaching remains stubbornly one-size-fits-all.
  • Bill Gates is working to change all that. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates has invested more than $120 million in a developing field known as "personalized learning." An approach where tachers still play a central role in the classroom, but they do less lecturing and more one-on-one coaching.
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Keywords: education, personalized learning, artificial intelligence, future of education, Bill Gates, interviews

Why Context Is Just as Important as Content in the Classroom


  • The concept of classroom context is rarely something we discuss, and yet understanding it is essential for creating learning environments in which every student can thrive. So just what is “classroom context,” why is it important, and how can we be cognizant of it in the classroom?
  • Context is a very real issue for today’s classrooms that can contribute to the achievement gap among minority students. Fortunately, the problem can be solved on the micro-level by creating a more learner-centered environment.
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Keywords: teaching, student-centered learning

What Are 'Teacherpreneurs?' An Interview With a Math Teacher Monetizing His Classroom Materials


  • “I can’t find good materials for my classroom.” It’s a common refrain among teachers that often propels them to create their own materials. Not a new phenomenon, but educators are increasingly taking advantage of new technologies to share their solutions with one another.
  • Chuck Snyder, math teacher, creates worksheets for his senior precalculus classes. He sells these worksheets on his Teachers Pay Teachers store, where he’s doing quite well. We spoke with Snyder to learn about what it means to straddle the line between educator and entrepreneur.
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Keywords: teachers, entrepreneurship, teacherpreneurs, interviews

The Ever-Tightening Job Market for Ph.D.s

The Atlantic

  • The latest NSF report, “The Survey of Earned Doctorates,” finds that many newly minted Ph.D.s complete school after nearly 10 years of studies with significant debt and without the promise of a job. Yet few people seem to be paying attention to these findings; graduate programs are producing more Ph.D.s than ever before. Why do so many people continue to pursue doctorates?
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Keywords: postgraduate education, graduate students, reports

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