8 Skills for Future-Proofed Teachers

April 5, 2016

8 Skills for Future-Proofed Teachers

THE Journal

  • Determining what kind of technology teachers should be familiar with matters less than ensuring they have skills to adapt to whatever gadgets come along. The gadgets will, after all, be ever changing.
  • The unknown is why the fundamental skills that prospective teachers acquire will enable them to successfully integrate technology, making the learning process robust and successful. So, which are some of those skills any future teacher will need?
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Keywords: teacher preparation, professional development, teacher training, adaptability, hands-on teaching, compatibility, connected educators

Learning is Happening Everywhere–Let’s Embrace That

Getting Smart

  • There are more online and informal learning resources than ever before (podcasts, MOOCs, boot camps, YouTube). Learning doesn’t end at college, but learning in 2016 and beyond it’s about combining both formal and informal education to create your "unique as a fingerprint" expertise.
  • But despite the fact that learning is happening in every way and everywhere, keeping track of it all, measuring it and making it count is not happening for the most part. And it should. We need a standardized way to measure and verify all of our knowledge that goes way beyond formal education.
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Keywords: learning, formal and informal education, online education, assessment

Designing Next-Generation Universities

Inside Higher Ed

  • There has been much recent talk about the future of universities. Even though such forecasts are fraught with peril, Steven Mintz, Executive Director of the University of Texas System's Institute for Transformational Learning, offers several predictions of what lies ahead.
  • Experiential education, personalized learning pathways, learning by doing, universities without walls, and technology-enhanced education 2.0 are among Mintz's predictions. But for him, one thing is for sure: that ideas are continuously recycled and revived, specially in the case in education.
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Keywords: higher education, innovation in education,future of education, predictions, leaders, Steven Mintz

How to Turn Your Classroom Into a Hotbed of Creativity and Innovation

eSchool News

  • Establishing a classroom that guides and supports students in developing their abilities to innovate and create is not often covered in teacher education. On the other hand, our society looks to innovation and creativity as essential avenues that will contribute to its future prosperity and well being.
  • Clearly there’s a crucial disconnect. But the good news is that our students are not only naturally creative, they are growing up surrounded by digital resources designed to enhance this aspect of thinking and working.
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Keywords: educators, professional development, teacher training, innovation, creativity

10 Seconds At A Time, A Teacher Tries Snapchat To Engage Students


  • What's the first step of learning? Paying attention. Which may be hard for students to do when they're constantly peeking at their phones. So, as the adage goes: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  • For some teachers, it makes sense. Their students are already using it. Snapchat has around 100 million users worldwide and, according to one estimate, 77 percent of college students use it daily. And so why not go there? Here is how some teachers are embracing Snapchat.
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Keywords: teaching strategies, learning, technology, edtech

When Kids Have Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges


  • Teaching for understanding has always been a challenge, which is why Harvard’s Project Zero has been trying to figure out how great teachers do it. Teachers are trying to get students to slow down and take note of how and why they are thinking. Helping students to “learn how to learn” or become “meta-strategic thinkers” is crucial for understanding and becoming a life-long learner.
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Keywords: educators, teaching strategies, metacognition, Project Zero

Five Ways to Motivate Unprepared Students in the Flipped Classroom

Faculty Focus

  • The flipped classroom relies heavily on students coming to class ready to engage in the learning activities. But what if they don't do their preclass work? How do you encourage students to come to class prepared? Here are five recommendations that will help you to address why students aren’t prepared and how to encourage them to do so.
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Keywords: teaching strategies, flipped classroom, active learning, motivating students

LinkedIn Launches Lynda.com 'Learning Paths' In Push To Grow Education Business


  • LinkedIn launched more than 50 Lynda.com “Learning Paths,” a package of ordered courses intended to prepare users for a specific role or to update users’ skills for their current job. When users finish a “Learning Path,” they receive a certificate of completion that they can share with their network on LinkedIn and other social sites.
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Keywords: online education, learning pathways, skills

Online Education: A Catalyst for Higher Education Reforms | MIT Online Education Policy Initiative

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Given the accelerating changes in the landscape of higher education, and given the advances in learning science fields and in education technology over recent years, what are the implications of online education on higher education? How could these reforms be implemented? What are the policy implications for university presidents, for faculty and for policy makers?
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Keywords: online education, report, research

‘It’s Personalized, Online, and Blended’: How to Make Edtech Buzzwords Substantive


  • Education has a long tradition of being rife with buzzwords such as 21st Century Skills and Grit. Buzzwords are not inherently bad. They usually have their roots in a strong idea that can push education in a positive way. But, like in a game of telephone, the idea gets distorted as it starts to spread virally. It’s time to be better—by making buzzwords actually mean something.
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Keywords: teaching, learning, trends, buzzwords

Why You Shouldn't Settle for Education Data That is Too Hard to Understand

EdTech Review

  • Most educators use EdTech data systems and data, but they are settling for data displays that are too hard to understand, and with such miscommunicated data things can get ugly. Jenny Rankin shows us how data can be made “over-the-counter” so it is easy for educators to understand and use without the help of a professional.
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Keywords: data, education data, educational data mining, technlogy, educators

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