Three Paradoxes Confronting the Global Educator

May 10, 2016

Three Paradoxes Confronting the Global Educator

Getting Smart

  • Many educators see the promise of personalizing education as a way to (re) establish the non-cognitive as profoundly important to the future of the species. But the very features of globalization itself throw up some challenging paradoxes for global educators seeking to personalize learning for their students. These paradoxes emerge from our need both to build ‘global competence’ and to focus on the personalized learning needs of each individual.
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Differentiated Instruction in the College Classroom

Inside Higher Ed

  • One concept that higher education should borrow from K-12 educators is differentiated instruction, according to Steven Mintz. Differentiated instruction is the notion that multiple forms of learning can take place simultaneously in a single classroom. Mintz explains that as higher education moves toward hybrid and personalized models, the challenge facing instructors is to meet the learning needs of all students, not just a subset.
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Want To Fix Education? First We Need To Remake Learning


  • In this interview, Gregg Behr, executive director of The Grable Foundation, shares his ideas on how we can reimagine education so that all children have the opportunity to achieve great learning. Behr points out that to achieve this goal, our education system should give young people the chance to tinker, explore, and experiment—to design and iterate solutions to problems.
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Five Myths About Classroom Technology (And What To Do, Instead)


  • Classroom technology is everywhere. But is technology the panacea that we’re all searching for? Nope—but it can help because technology, like any other tool, has good uses and bad uses. This article explores five common myths about educational technology, and how we can get the most out of tech for our students.
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Stress Reduction Tactics Could Ease Teaching’s Burdens

Education News

  • A study of thousands of educators found that many teachers feel as if they are not trusted to do their job properly, but are expected to do more and more. It is not surprising that teachers’ stress levels can affect students in negative ways. But a new professional development program on mindfulness found that educators who use stress-reducing practices can increase their skills to contend with the social and emotional demands of the classroom.
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Zuckerberg and Chan Hire Education Leader to Run Philanthropic Effort

The New York Times

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan, hired James H. Shelton, a former deputy secretary of the federal Education Department, to lead the education component of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, focused on customizing learning for students and addressing barriers to education like poverty and illness.
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30 Under 30: Education


  • Forbes published a new list of the 30 Under 30 education edition highlighting the education leaders and innovators who are making a difference in the industry. Mathew Ramírez, who uses artificial intelligence to teach students how to write, leads this year's list.
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MIT is Raising $5 billion to Make the World a Better Place


  • MIT's new fundraising initiative called "Campaign for a Better World" seeks to tackle some of humanity's (and our planet's) biggest challenges. The institute lists its various projects under the campaign's six priority areas: Discovery Science, Health of the Planet, Human Health, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Teaching-Learning-Living, and the MIT Core.
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Student-Centricity No Longer a Choice, But an Obligation

The EvoLLLution

  • Postsecondary institutions have a moral and social responsibility to encourage students to be innovators and leaders of change. Rapidly changing labor markets require individuals to have the cognitive and practical skills to adapt to their environment. A focus on student centricity means ensuring delivering a high-quality student experience both inside and outside the classroom.
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