Teachers: Therapists, social workers and, sometimes, doctors

May 31, 2016

Teachers Have to Be Therapist One Moment, Social Worker the Next

The Guardian

  • Teachers daily have to deal with serious mental health issues with no training, no resources, no external support and, sometimes, no budget. According to Natasha Devon, former children’s mental health tsar, "Each time a public service is sacrificed, it seems that the government and others assume teachers can shoulder the consequences." Schools have become the last line of support for vulnerable pupils.
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This Professor Enrolled as an Undercover Student

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • After six years of teaching chemistry at Northern Essex Community College, Mike Cross wanted to get a better feel for how his students juggle classwork, kids, and jobs. He did that by going under cover, spending late nights doing homework alongside his three kids to earn an associate degree in liberal arts. In this interview Cross describes what motivated him, what secrets he learned, and the lessons he took to heart.
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MacArthur 'Genius' Angela Duckworth Responds To A New Critique Of Grit


  • The term 'Grit' expresses the idea that a crucial component of success is people's ability to pick a goal and stick with it. But a new meta-analysis says the importance of grit has been exaggerated. Angela Duckworth, who has been studying the concept at the University of Pennsylvania, responds to this new critique. So, has the impact of grit been exaggerated? Is it time to give up on grit and try something new?
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Keywords: education, research, soft skills, grit

Can Grit be Grown?

Getting Smart

  • Many educators have appreciated that the attention given to grit has led to an expanded recognition of the significance of character strengths and non-cognitive skills in general. But knowing the importance of grit is barely half the battle. What we really need to know is how to grow it in ourselves and others. Here is how.
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Keywords: education, research, soft skills, grit

10 Steps to A Better One-to-One Experience

eSchool News

  • We hear every day from teachers who tell us their school will be going one-to-one this school year. Their classrooms will be equipped with a laptop or tablet for every student. For some teachers this is overwhelming; for others it is exciting, and for a few it’s just plain scary. Wherever you are on that spectrum we have some advice to help you move forward and make the most out of these new resources in your classroom.
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Credits for Kindness

Harvard Ed Magazine

  • A new movement is trying to refocus admissions away from purely individual academic achievement and toward something you can't measure with aptitude tests and a resume padded with public service points: real concern with others and the common good. But moving away from merit by the numbers takes guts.
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Keywords: higher education, admissions, social and emotional skills, soft skills

Rubrics for Assessing Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, and Digital Portfolios

Free Technology for Teachers

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