How to Make a Good Teacher

June 14, 2016

How to Make a Good Teacher

The Economist

  • Forget smart boards and small classes. The secret to stellar grades and thriving students is teachers. But efforts to ensure that every teacher can teach are hobbled by the tenacious myth that good teachers are born, not made. A new breed of teacher-trainers aims to make ordinary teachers great. Done right, this will revolutionise schools and change lives.
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Anatomy of a Learner Profile

iLEarn Technology

  • Perhaps the most disheartening outcome of the systematization of education is the way that it dehumanizes classrooms. Emboldened by being ‘the best,’ our education system has become blinded to the individual. The student-with-a-name. We, as educators, need the audacity to step outside of a system that forgets the individual. The first step is to decide that you are going to value the individuals above all else.
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If You Are Not Updating Your Lectures, You Could Be Letting Your Students Down

Times Higher Education

  • As educators, we expect students to change to suit the changing world. They, in turn, expect us to facilitate that. But to do that sometimes we need to be willing to change how we do what we do. Are we as academics insisting that students change while we ourselves are guilty of failing to adapt our way of working and teaching to meet the expectations?
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Microsoft Releases Free, Early-Access Version of Minecraft: Education Edition


  • Teachers can get their first peak at the latest education-focused version of Minecraft for free. Microsoft kicked off the Minecraft: Education Edition early access program, which allows teachers to test the game at no cost up until its official release in September. After that, schools will have the opportunity to purchase annual licenses for between $1 and $5 per student.
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We Must Realize What We Are – And Aren’t – Teaching

Education News

  • How many of us actively question this to ourselves: “What am I teaching students and what are they learning when I may not realize it’s occurring?” By insisting on a lecture format, we skip over skills that students need to practice such as collaboration and critical thinking.
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Research to Practice: A New Study Reveals that Education Leaders Use Research. Now — How to Maximize its Potential?

Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Good news for education researchers: Your work is influencing district and school leaders, helping to guide their decisions. A new study reveals that educators and education leaders value research and use it regularly. Can these findings trigger a wider push for evidence-based solutions?
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Can Colleges Truly Teach Critical-Thinking Skills?

Inside Higher Ed

  • It’s becoming increasingly clear that higher education has gambled on critical thinking. Most of all, in many ways, critical thinking has become synonymous with higher education. Yet we have not found evidence that colleges or universities teach critical-thinking skills with any success. According to John Schlueter, this is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood issues in higher education today.
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How Academics and Researchers Can Get More Out of Social Media

Harvard Business Review

  • In today’s digital age, social media competence is a critical communication tool for academics. Whether you’re looking to engage students, increase awareness of your research, or garner media coverage for your department, engaging in social media will give you a competitive edge. Here are some guidelines to help you maximize your impact online.
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What’s At Risk When Schools Focus Too Much on Student Data?


  • Schools are being increasingly encouraged and funded to collect and analyze information about students — sometimes making that information public. But as “data-driven” education becomes more popular, critics are also raising a range of concerns. Here are five arguments against the excesses of data-driven instruction.
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