The World is Flat: Teachers as Innovators

June 21, 2016

The World is Flat: Teachers as Innovators

The Synapse / Medium

  • “The first step in teaching students to innovate is making sure that educators have opportunities to be innovators themselves.” But in order for teachers to be innovators themselves, they need to be provided with the freedom to take risks, the encouragement to break outside of the box, additional time to plan and collaborate, and a flattened organizational culture that provides greater autonomy and distributed leadership.
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Having Other Teachers' Eyes Means Also Having Their Ideas


  • Being a teacher sometimes means shutting the door to your classroom and cutting yourself off from colleagues all day. But many schools are recurring to a professional development method for teachers called lesson study, popular in Japan and gaining traction in the U.S., as a powerful way to grow teacher-leaders willing to try new things and continually improve.
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This Is the Tech That Will Make Learning as Addictive as Video Games

Singularity Hub

  • The way we learn today is just wrong. In the traditional education system, you start at an "A," and every time you get something wrong, your score gets lower and lower. In the gaming world, it's just the opposite. You start with zero, and every time you come up with something right, your score gets higher and higher. It completely flips the way we currently learn, and it's addictively fun. We need to literally "gamify" learning itself.
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WISE Announces Global List of Ed Tech Makers and Shakers

Education News

  • The first comprehensive global index of movers and shakers in educational technology has been created by WISE, the World Innovation Summit for Education, and EdTechXGlobal. The Makers and Shakers of Education Technology Index recognizes the 50 most innovative leaders in EdTech. The index honors those who affect the use of education technology in positive ways.
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Can You Teach Students to Think More Like Entrepreneurs?

eSchool News

  • Entrepreneurship skills are more important than ever for preparing 21st century leaders. When thinking of imparting entrepreneurship skills to students, most educators will likely go the obvious route — how can we teach students to build successful businesses. But there are other key skills that are essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur: tolerance of ambiguity, calculated risk-taking, persistence, evidence-based reasoning, and self-direction. Here’s how to foster them.
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Professionalism 101: A Class On How To Get The Job


  • You can take a college course on just about anything nowadays. But some teachers think that crucial basic skills are being overlooked in the process. Things like showing up on time for class, meeting deadlines, dressing appropriately, working well in teams. Here's how college professors are teaching about things like etiquette, dressing properly and phone skills.
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Why Research Fails in the Classroom


  • Personalized learning is one of the buzzier buzz words in higher education, and with reason. But while the efficacy of personalized learning is proven, the products are often not. We need a better bridge between these two arenas in higher education to help faculty and instructional designers make more informed decisions around digital learning.
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A Teacher’s Guide to Long Distance Tutoring


  • Students today often need help outside of traditional classroom hours. But in many cases, staying after school for tutoring sessions just isn’t an option, which results in vulnerable students getting left even further behind. Luckily, new distance learning technologies are changing that. Here is a guide of pros and cons of common long distance tutoring tools.
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eCornell Introduces Live Online Events with Cornell Faculty

Campus Technology

  • eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning unit, now offers a monthly subscription to online events called "WebSeries" that feature presentations and interactive discussions led by university faculty and industry experts. The new subscription portal hosts one-hour online events for working professionals and lifelong learners.
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