Should colleges get rid of the lecture? Pokémon GO potential for education, and the best colleges to work for

July 19, 2016

Should Colleges Really Eliminate the College Lecture?

The Atlantic

  • Despite the increased emphasis in recent years on improving professors’ teaching skills, such training often focuses on incorporating technology or flipping the classroom, rather than on how to give a traditional college lecture. Getting rid of the college lecture entirely is the mission of a broad group of educators. But is it the college lecture itself that’s the problem—or the lecturer?

Great Colleges to Work For 2016

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • This year's Great Colleges to Work For survey, based on the responses of 46,000 campus employees, underscores the importance of good communication in the workplace. This special report examines several workplace issues where strong communication is key, including the rise of millennials into management, anxiety over "campus carry" laws, and a growing faculty effort to seek new ways of demonstrating the value of scholarly work.

Memory Machines: Learning, Knowing, and Technological Change


  • We are certainly obsessed with “innovation”. We are surrounded by lots of new consumer technology products today that beckon to us to buy the latest thing. But it’s crucial, particularly in education, that we do not confuse consumption with innovation. Buying hardware and buying software does not make you or your students or your institutions forward-thinking. We do not have to buy new stuff faster than we’ve ever bought new stuff before in order to be “future ready.”

Are MOOCs Forever?

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • There has long been this narrative around how universities are not providing the skills that employers feel they need in their incoming employees. But how do you, as a university professor, learn what it is that industry really needs? According to Coursera’s Daphne Koller, by teaching a MOOC, you actually learn what people who are actively employed are looking for as part of their education. Nevertheless, a Pew center study shows that only 20 percent of professional Americans are aware of MOOCs.

3 Ways Pokémon GO Can Create Meaningful Learning Opportunities

EdTech Magazine

  • Nintendo’s Pokémon GO, augmented reality app released just one week ago, immediately soared to popularity and caught the attention of educators looking to introduce new and exciting lessons to their classrooms. Educators from around the web offer ideas for incorporating Pokémon GO into the classroom.

Personalized Learning Report Talks to Teachers

THE Journal

Why Making Is Essential to Learning


  • At the heart of making is the idea that all students are creators. Instead of just memorizing material for a test, students are encouraged to use what they know to design and build projects. Making encourages students to pose their own questions and pursue answers in an organic way. In contrast to a "single correct answer" approach, making is a mindset, a way to approach problem-solving through experimentation and play.

15 HigherEd Student Personas That Will Help You Redesign Learner Experience

Getting Smart

  • HigherEd institutions that want to ensure every student has “the three P’s” (an important purpose, a clear pathway for that purpose and a network of people to support them) must define their “student lifecycle”. From day one through graduation, colleges have the opportunity to personalize the learner experience by taking a smarter approach to student support services: the 15 most common student “personas” shed light on what motivates different types of students.

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