You Don’t Know Your Students / University of Chicago Strikes Back Against Campus Political Correctness

August 30, 2016

You Don’t Know Your Students. This Professor Hopes to Change That.

Chronicle of Higher Education

  • After years as an award-winning teacher, Mr. Wesch felt that he had lost that sense of what students were going through as they walked into his large introductory classes, and that made it harder for him to connect and be an effective teacher. But he’s an anthropologist, and understanding unfamiliar cultures is his specialty. So he decided to focus his economic-research skills on campus life and become a participant-observer of his students.


University of Chicago Strikes Back Against Campus Political Correctness

New York Times

  • The anodyne welcome letter to incoming freshmen is a college staple, but this week the University of Chicago took a different approach: It sent new students a blunt statement opposing some hallmarks of campus political correctness, drawing thousands of impassioned responses, for and against, as it caromed around cyberspace.


An LMS to Support ‘Gameful’ Learning

Campus Technology

  • Seeking to bring the qualities of well-designed games to pedagogical assessment, the University of Michigan created a learning management system that uses gaming elements such as competition, badges and unlocks to provide students with a personalized pathway through their courses.


A New 21st Century Educational Leadership Curriculum

Education Week

  • We recently had the opportunity to co-teach a 21st-century curriculum course in an educational leadership program in New Jersey. We stressed our educational leadership students have relevant and rigorous experiences that emphasized 21st-century communication, collaboration, and innovation


Helping Students Succeed Without the Stress

The Atlantic

  • What if there is a simpler, less stressful way to help kids succeed? The research on self-control suggests there is: Instead of focusing directly on achievement per se, parents and educators can help children be successful by helping them practice and develop skills related to self-control.


How Late Is Too Late? Myths and Facts about the Consequences of Switching College Majors

Inside Higher Ed

  • The key to graduating in four years (at least in the minds of many parents) is picking a major early and sticking with it. But a new report suggests students who change their major as late as senior year are more likely to graduate from college than students who settle on one the second they set foot on campus.


Reigniting Your Passion for Distance Teaching and Learning

The Evolllution

  • Change is difficult and demanding! Therefore, we all need ways to periodically re-ignite our passion for teaching and learning to enable us to blaze forward re-educating ourselves to better educate our learners.


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