Game-Based Learning: The future of education? | Trends and challenges shaping education | Right versus wrong: Can morality be taught?

September 20, 2016

Game-Based Learning: Is It the Future of Education?

EdTech Review

  • Learning should be fun and allow us to enjoy any new experience. Specialists have discovered that game-based learning is the best experience not only for children but also for adults who need thrilling experiences to make learning easier. Gaming has become the most popular educational tool used by educators around the world trying to make new teaching experiences fun and useful for everyone.

The Trends and Challenges Shaping Technology Adoption In Schools


  • The New Media Consortium and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) have released the new Horizon Report > 2016 K-12 Edition. A panel of 59 experts from 18 countries discussed major trends in education that are driving the adoption of technology, as well as the big challenges to effective implementation.

Can Morality Be Taught?

The Atlantic

  • It is not enough to simply offer curriculum about the ills of racism, homophobia, or bullying, and then expect lasting results from students who are entrenched in cultural beliefs that are reinforced by society. Hands-on experiential learning is critical for educating students about right versus wrong.

Why College Rankings Are a Joke

The New York Times

  • College rankings nourish the myth that the richest, most selective colleges have some corner on superior education; don’t adequately recognize public institutions that prioritize access and affordability; and do insufficient justice to the particular virtues of individual campuses. Moreover, rankings elevate clout above learning, which isn’t as easily measured.

Five Ways to Teach Students to Be Learning Centered, Too

Faculty Focus

  • Have you ever wondered if your students are as concerned about their learning as you are? If you prioritize student learning, you may be the only person in your classroom with that goal. Learning-centered teachers seek to coauthor classroom experiences with their students, whereas students may seek only to be taught passively. Here are five ways to develop more self-regulated learners.

A Top Education Tech Investor Says These 6 Startups Could Transform How We Teach Kids

Business Insider

  • Teachers have very complex jobs, and traditionally have had archaic tools to do that complex job. That is why the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Reach Capital, has made it a mission to seek out companies that help schools go from Luddites to early adopters. The future of education is a 1:1 ratio between kids and personal devices. Here are the companies racing toward that future.

Reclaim Your Buzzwords

Inside Higher Ed

  • Rather than shun technologies hyped by companies with grand promises, faculty members should force vendors to explain how the tools will help professors teach and students learn, Michael Feldstein argues.

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