Study: Zero correlation between evaluations and learning

September 27, 2016

Zero Correlation Between Evaluations and Learning

Inside Higher Ed

  • A new study suggests that past analyses linking student achievement to high student teaching evaluation ratings are flawed and have limited validity. The findings suggest that institutions focused on student learning and career success may want to abandon SET ratings as a measure of faculty's teaching effectiveness.

Almost All Education Research Takes Place in the US — But Another Country is Using it Better

Business Insider

  • Year after year, Finland is ranked as one of the world leaders in education while America lags far behind. But it's not that Finland knows more about how to build effective schools than the US does. Almost all education research takes place in the United States. Yet, American schools can't seem to learn from any of it.

How Colleges Should Adapt in a Networked Age

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Perhaps you’ve stood in the front of a classroom, looked out on the room full of students distractedly checking email or Facebook, and thought: They’re just not that into this. You remember being tuned in, more respectful of the professor. Joshua Cooper Ramo thinks the change is part of a bigger shift in attitudes toward authority figures. What does this mean for college leaders and for professors trying to prepare their students for the new world?

LinkedIn Launches Learning Portal With Biz, Tech, & Creative Pathways

Getting Smart

  • The word “Learning” showed up in the toolbar line of LinkedIn, the professional profile site with 450 million users. With this new learning portal LinkedIn has fully integrated the learning videos site. The ambitious site with more than 9,000 videos aims to meet the professional learning needs of individuals, businesses, and even HigherEd institutions.

Become a Doctor, No Lectures Required: U of Vermont medical school to get rid of all lecture courses

Inside Higher Ed

  • The college will over the next several years remove all lecture courses, replacing them with videos students watch on their own time. And instead of sitting through lectures, students will meet in “active learning” classrooms, led by faculty members, working with their classmates in small groups.

Two Key Points for Understanding Imagination in Education

Getting Smart

  • It is astonishing that we rarely talk about imagination in education. Many teachers assume discussion of imagination in education refers to an arts-infused curriculum but the idea that imagination is at odds with rigorous, academic learning is a dangerous misconception. Yet, imagination is at the heart of all learning.

The Flipped Classroom Unplugged: Three Tech-Free Strategies for Engaging Students

Faculty Focus

  • By design, the flipped classroom model takes a little creativity, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can flip your class using simple strategies that allow for students to interact with the material and engage with each other. These no-tech strategies get students interacting with the content.

Shaken By Economic Change, 'Non-Traditional' Students Are Becoming The New Normal


  • A growing number of enrolling students are older, working, have a family -– or all three. Nearly half of those enrolled in higher ed today are so-called "non-traditional" students. One quarter of all students are over the age of 30. The increase is driven mostly by tough financial realities and a changing economy. These realities underscore how outdated the term "non-traditional student" really is.

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