Tech’s Favorite School Faces Its Biggest Test: the Real World

January 24, 2017

Tech’s Favorite School Faces Its Biggest Test: the Real World


  • Despite the buzz around personalized learning, there’s no simple recipe for success, and the common ingredients — such as adaptive-learning technology and student control over learning — can backfire if poorly implemented. Indeed, personalized learning has taken off in high-powered charter schools, but now proponents are faced with figuring out how to make it work for everyone.


Looking Beyond the LMS: Why a Single App Won't Work

Campus Technology

  • What does the next-gen learning management system look like? Will it just be the next iteration of Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle? There is an increasingly diverse student population and modalities in today's colleges and universities. A single LMS that could possibly do justice to the wide range of needs does not exist. Educause's Malcolm Brown envisions component-based architecture connected through open standards.


Can Robotics Teach Problem Solving to Students?

eSchool News

  • The “worksheet generation” approach is common in many classrooms: students are handed a worksheet then asked to solve problems one through 15. This approach, however, often teaches students there is only one right answer. Instead, teachers must develop curriculum that inspires students to not only find new solutions, but to also test their solutions, and improve on them, through trial and error. This can be done using hands-on learning tools like robotics.


Educause Announces Top IT Issues, Trends and Tech Report for 2017

Campus Technology

  • Expanding on the preview of its annual ranking of IT issues for higher education, Educause announced its full report on the key issues, trends and technologies poised to impact higher ed in 2017: It’s all about student success. Colleges and universities are concentrating on student success to address concerns about the costs, value, and outcomes of higher education.


Bite-Sized Learning

Ed. Magazine | Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • You know how important it is for kids to develop life skills like managing emotions or learning to make better decisions. The problem is, you don’t know where to start. Associate Professor Stephanie Jones and her team at Easel Lab’s SEL Analysis Project came up with an idea called “kernel of practice” — evidence-based strategies and activities that educators can easily use with their students that are free and flexible.


Mathematical Model Reveals the Patterns of How Innovations Arise

MIT Technology Review

  • Innovation is one of the driving forces in our world and a powerful cornerstone for 21st century society. And yet the process of innovation is something of a mystery. Today, all that changes thanks to the first mathematical model that accurately reproduces the patterns that innovations follow. The work could lead to a new approach to the study of innovation.


ePortfolios Based on Competency Models: Connecting Academia to the Workplace and Back

The EvoLLLution

  • Educational institutions, industry associations, and some employers consider competencies a common language that could help describe the skills, knowledge and abilities of individuals, and therefore help learners navigate the world of jobs, training, and learning . Developing ePortfolios that integrate the best aspects of the competency-based model can go far in supporting working professionals’ lifelong learning.


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