“The main purpose of education should be to help people develop fully in society”

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Xavier Aragay: “The main purpose of education should be to help people develop fully in society”
In an interview for the Observatory, Xavier Aragay, Director of Reimagine Education Lab, addresses the challenges and obstacles education faces today and the 21 keys to transform education. Asked about leadership, he said “the 20th-century paradigm is that a great leader is the one that makes the change, and this is impossible in the 21st century. Today we need a distributed leadership.”

Almost all college students say technology helps their learning
The new Digital Study Trends Survey by McGraw-Hill Education shows that an overwhelming majority of college students think digital learning technology (DLT) benefits their schoolwork and helps them retain concepts. More than half of students prefer classes that use digital tools, and the majority feels that technology has helped them improve their grades.

Education and citizenship
Educational institutions must commit to recognize and respond to students’ diversity, needs, the way they relate to each other and the social dynamics they experience in their communities. An example is the case of Colombia, where schools from Bogota receive all the displaced students who arrive requesting enrollment.

Top 10 US college majors with the lowest unemployment rates
Have you ever thought about teaching History? Have you ever seen yourself as a biochemical scientist? It might sound uncommon, but both are great career path choices. Discover the Top 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rate, according to the career site Zippia.

Panorama Education raises $16M to improve students' social-emotional learning
Panorama, the educational data analysis company, announced it has raised $16 million dollars in Series B funding to expand its tools to help schools develop student’s social and emotional skills. The company is promoting a new platform that has the goal of increasing graduation rates and decreasing dropouts.

Microsoft’s Resume Assistant: a powerful job seeking tool that uses LinkedIn data
Microsoft just launched Resume Assistant, a new tool that integrates LinkedIn data with its Office 360 Word application to help recent graduates and job seekers improve their resumes. Users can browse through profiles finding similar resumes and add skills or goals according to customizable job openings.

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