The secret of happy children? Get rid of teachers and ban homework


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Tim Lott: The secret of happy children? Get rid of teachers and ban homework

The Guardian

There is a certain irony in the announcement that schools are to start trialling “happiness lessons” for eight-year-olds. Because one of the main sources of unhappiness for children are schools themselves. School nowadays is hard work. Any subject can be fun – with a great teacher. Unfortunately, most teachers are horribly unrewarded and massively overworked. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Best age to start school, according to a new Stanford study

Business Insider

There's already a great deal of research suggesting kids should start their school days later. Now, a new study out of Stanford University has found they should probably start their entire school careers later, too. Investigators Thomas Dee and Hans Henrik Sievertsen found kids who started kindergarten a year later than average students had 73% better scores on tests of their hyperactivity and inattention four years later.


Stop asking your students to turn off their devices!

Canadian Education Association

Today’s youth face challenges in navigating a digitally infused world. Yet we often leave young people to make their own decisions about ethical, safe and responsible use of digital technologies, with minimal guidance. Digital citizenship is an essential skill for today’s students and citizens. We need to empower today’s youth to respect, educate and protect themselves and each other, and foster an active and informed citizenry in a participatory and digital age.


How university incubators are helping postgrads' ideas to flourish

The Guardian

Although university isn’t a prerequisite for entrepreneurs, it can offer a hefty leg up. More and more universities are forming their own enterprise incubators – breeding grounds for fresh startups, complete with office space, mentors, funding advice and the chance to rub shoulders with students from different disciplines.


What does it mean to prepare students for the future workforce?


Experts assert that in order for the society to fully embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI), learning machines should not replace human workers, but complement them. So to prepare the future workforce for a computer coworker, there must be a shift in teaching and learning—a change that should begin in the classroom. Using research and concepts from several AI experts, EdSurge put together three-step list educators can use to start implementing AI education in schools.


Meditation, nutrition and fitness: How one university tries to tame the college brain


The University of Vermont, Burlington, which has a reputation as a party school, is trying to mitigate risk of binge drinking, and other risky behaviors, as soon as students arrive on campus. The school offers students a healthy-living environment to teach students to nurture their young brains. The program is capturing the attention of higher education leaders, including New York University, Tulane and Boston University.


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