University Classes Should Start at 11am or Later to Improve Learning


University Classes Should Start at 11am or Later to Improve Learning
At many universities classes start at early morning, without regard to optimal functioning times for students with different chronotypes. But a new study indicates that starting classes at 11am or later benefits the greatest number of students. 

Encouraging Students to Get Everything Right Is the Wrong Approach
Now more than ever, educators are aware that accepting failure can help students inside and outside the classroom. But with tests season upon us, the word “failure” seems to have no place in the classroom.

Now You Can Learn a Language While You Wait For WiFi
There are numerous moments in a day that are typically wasted due to waitin: waiting for the elevator to arrive, WiFi to connect, or an instant message to arrive. With that in mind, researchers from MIT's CSAIL have developed a series of apps that opens up new possibilities for micro-learning.

New York Will Offer Free Tuition (with some restrictions)
In a historic move, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a deal that will make tuition free at CUNY and SUNY for families with annual incomes up to $125,000. The governor's office estimates that nearly 940,000 families in New York State will be eligible for free public college tuition when the plan is fully phased in. The program called "The Excelsior Scholarship" has been hailed as a breakthrough and a model for other states, but some additions to the plan are alarming experts.

Challenging Experiences Through Technological Replication
Is it possible to carry out educational projects based on technological replication? The answer to this question is definitely, yes, it is possible. You can challenge students with an existing technological development where they can understand how it works.