In Search for the Scientists of the Future


In Search of the Scientists of the Future. A Global Need
The growing worldwide concern for fostering science and engineering education has led many universities and institutions to design programs that will increase children’s interest in these fields and, in particular, encourage girls to enter the realm of science.

Over Six Million Students Now Enrolled in Online Education
While overall enrollment in higher education has fallen since 2012, distance education growth continues. A new report titled “Digital Learning Compass: Distance Education Enrollment Report 2017,” reveals that in 2015, more than six million students — nearly 30 percent of college students — took at least one course online.

Purdue Acquires Kaplan University to Increase Access for Millions
Purdue University announced Thursday it has acquired Kaplan University, a large for-profit chain to create a new public university. The initiative is meant to address two “striking new realities”: the need for postsecondary education for working non-traditional students, and the explosive growth in online education.

Full-time Students Are More Likely to Finish College
A new report shows that full-time students are more likely to stay in college than those enrolled part-time. The data revealed that 50% of students who have attended full-time every term graduated with an associate degree or certificate, while only 23% of students who have always attended part-time did.

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to “Speed Up Science"
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is partnering with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to support and build their platform bioRxiv, to help scientists share research faster. The free service provide by bioRxiv enables life science researchers to share drafts of their papers before they appear in journals.

Harvard Medical School Unveils Its First Online Certificate Program
To democritize medical education, Harvard Medical School has launched for the first time an online program for students and the general public. The program, HMX Fundamentals, will offer coursework in four foundational subjects: physiology, immunology, genetics and biochemistry.

Mom That Criticizes Homework Starts Debate
After a mother sends a letter to her daughter’s teachers saying that the 10-year-old would not do any homework due to stress, social media explodes with comments.


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