Paving the way for refugee education: SNHU granted online degrees to students living in refugee camps


Paving the way for refugee education: SNHU granted online degrees to students living in refugee camps
Despite their potential, young refugees are greatly disadvantaged in accessing university education: Only 1 percent of refugees attend university, compared to a global average of 34 percent. Today, Southern New Hampshire University is paving the way as one of the first American institutions to grant online degrees to students living in refugee camps.

Tec de Monterrey awards inspiring teachers
During the Annual Teachers' Meeting, six teachers earned the Inspiring Teacher Award 2017 for being an example of excellence in their practice. The award distinguishes academics that are innovative, transformers, linked to their environment, technology savvy, and updated in their discipline.

The Magic Behind Adaptive Learning
Adaptive Learning is a trend that has grown considerably over the past decade. It uses computational power to offer users effective and efficient information that will optimize their learning experience at any given moment. A group of professors at Tecnológico de Monterrey developed an adaptive learning platform that uses a conceptual map for specific courses. 

Taking breaks while marking exams increases productivity
It is common sense (and proven) that fatigue accumulates with effort and decays with rest, and now researchers have come up with a model that is very helpful for teachers, and other professionals. The study “It Is Time to Get Some Rest” introduces the fatigue disutility model, which aims to predict the most effective working pace.

Siemens Foundation awards scholarships for up to $100,000
The Siemens Foundation reorganizes its Competition in Math, Science and Technology and will now award prizes of up to $100,000 for high school students that excel in scientific research. The goal of the contest is to improve students’ understanding of scientific value and to foster a culture of innovation, research, and continuous learning. 

After criticism, Turnitin launches new tool
After hearing teachers’ complaints, plagiarism-prevention platform Turnitin releases a new writing tool: Revision Assistant. The new tool works as an assistant for students and allows teachers to see more of the writing process.