Prioritizing teaching over technology


Back to Basics: prioritizing teaching and its foundations over technology
With students eager to learn how to use and apply technology, and with the aim of providing them with the practice they need, we run the risk of overshadowing the fundamentals of education and forgetting that the basis of knowledge must be understood and mastered first in order to make the most out of technology. 

Task-based goals improve course performance
A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that students that establish task-based goals get robust positive effects on task completion, which in turn increases task performance, while performance-based goals have only small positive effects on course performance.

California State University drops placement exams and remedial classes
The Chancellor of California State University, Timothy P. White, signed an executive order directing the institution to eliminate placement exams for math and English and revise the remedial courses that thousands of freshmen take each fall. 

A new cloud-based platform will help track and manage student data based on blockchain technology
A new cloud-based platform that uses blockchain will allow learners to carry with them a digital, trusted record of their achievements that can be easily and quickly verified by any future employers or educational institutions.

Modern States Launches “Freshman Year For Free”
A new project aims to provide “a path to college for all kinds of learners” with a catalog of tuition-free online courses allowing students to earn traditional academic credits at more than 2,900 major colleges and universities.