Reading comprehension: a challenge for students and teachers


Reading comprehension: a challenge for students and teachers
The habit of reading has become a competency very few people develop or maintain in the 21st century, yet, it is as important as ever. In this article, we provide the different levels, skills, and factors that affect reading comprehension. Understanding these aspects is fundamental for teachers and students in order to improve the results of reading appropriation. 

Tecnológico de Monterrey asks students from around the world to solve an ethical dilemma
The Online Multicultural and International Xperience (OMIX) project, a two-week free online program by Tecnológico de Monterrey, seeks to bring together students of different nationalities to collaborate in the discussion of an ethical dilemma.

Kids who enter school at an older age perform better
A new study shows a positive relationship between school starting age and children’s cognitive development. Moreover, being older increases college attainment and reduces the likelihood of incarceration for juvenile crime. 

Charter school from Dallas is reimagining discipline and education
The Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy, a charter school from Dallas, is taking a different approach on discipline, focusing on repairing the harm of misconduct; it is also implementing a personalized leaning approach to education.

University alliance offers financial aid for students at risk of not completing college
The University Innovation Alliance (UIA), a consortium of 11 public research institutions, announced a new initiative designed to support students that face financial pressure at the end of their studies.

Amazon will put 1,600 Echo Dots in ASU’s dorms
The Amazon Alexa team donates 1,600 Echo Dots to Arizona State University as a part of a voice-technology program that aims to improve student experience by providing them with access to information and services for the campus life.