Experiential Engineering: An Innovative Practice


Experiential Engineering: An Innovative Practice
Experiential learning is an effective way to impart knowledge and develop competencies in every field of knowledge but it is essential in the field of engineering. Students retain and remember theoretical knowledge more easily when it is backed up with projects, experiences or actual practices. 

Vermont Medical School will completely ditch lectures by 2019
Two years from now, the Larner College of Medicine will completely eliminate lectures from its curriculum, adopting a new trend that could transform medical education: Active Learning.

National University launches tailored educational support system
National University is launching a new project that will combine personalized learning, adaptive learning, competency-based learning and predictive analytics to identify new educational models to better serve non-traditional students.

Parents overestimate their kid’s performance in math and reading, according to survey
Nine in ten parents think their child is performing at or above grade level in math and reading, but data of the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that only one third of students are proficient on those subjects. 

Codecademy launches ‘Codecademy Pro Suite’ a paid membership that promises “job-ready outcomes”
Codecademy is rolling out a new set of pro memberships “to help anyone learn resume-ready skills to advance their career,” with the help of human instruction. The Codecademy Pro Suite comes with three different paid options: Pro, Pro Intensive, and Pro Mentors.

Editors quit math journal and will launch a new, open-access one
The four editors-in-chief of the "Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics" have announced that they will not renew their contract with their publisher, Springer, due to a disagreement on the subscription fees. They will launch a new journal, which will be open-access.