Disruptive educational practices

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Disruptive pedagogy proposals around the world
Meet the most innovative educational models and the most disruptive educational practices -used in countries such as England, Denmark, Poland, and Italy- applied to different educational levels ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Jeff Maggioncalda on the rise of alternative credentials, in an interview for the Observatory
Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, spoke with the Observatory about the increasing importance of alternative credentials, the potential impact ofartificial intelligence on the education industry and the future of higher education

Teaching strategies to prepare students for the jobs of the future
When we talk about automation, the transformation of employment and skillsthat students must develop to face the challenges of the future, we usually focus our attention on the role of universities, companies and students. However, what do teachers think? 

People want to be trained at work, and universities should take the lead
A new study shows a detailed landscape of the feelings and thoughts of Americans regarding automation and the risk of losing their jobs. The survey reveals that most people don’t fear to lose their jobs to AI, but they want to be retrained, preferably at their workplace. This is an opportunity higher education institutions should seize.

What motivates students to choose their university?
A survey applied to more than US 100,000 high school students reveals seven key factors by which students decide to choose a university. This study has the potential to become an invaluable tool with which educational institutions could build their strategy of attracting students

Granting freshmen computers does not guarantee their success
A recent study revealed that providing computers to university students does not influence their success in college, nor does it improve their employment expectations. Students and teachers must take advantage of the benefits of technological advances in a new effective educational ecosystem.

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  • This School Focuses On Teaching Students Happiness
    In a new school that will open its doors in 2020 in India, the main goal is teaching children how to be happy. (Fast Company)

  • You can now study Blockchain at university
    An Australian university is betting on Blockchain by launching a nation-first course in the emerging sector. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

  • Augmented Reality in Education: How AR is Improving Learning
    Children learn at an even deeper level when they are allowed to transform content they're learning into creations and interactions. (EdTechReview)

  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting The Traditional MBA
    Business Schools in the US are adapting their curricula to prepare students for AI and the future of work. (BusinessBecause)

  • Silicon Valley’s Singularity University Has Some Serious Reality Problems
    Singularity University has lost funding from Google and is facing accusations of assault and fraud. (Bloomberg Businessweek)